I’ve had a whole lot of emails and a lot of comments asking about the library puzzle and the two numbers that the machine gives. So I thought a post here might solve for all (and I can just attach this link! Hooray!) and this will be the be-all-and-end-all of the library puzzle thread.

The two numbers that are given is one either positive or negative number, and another that is followed by either the letter N or S. These are longitude and latitude coordinates, part of the geographic coordinate system.

To sum it up without your going through those long long articles (unless you really want to,) longitude is a reference number referring to either East (a positive number) and West (a negative number) of Greenwich, England. The first number given from the puzzle machine is longitude.

The second number, latitude, determines how far the location is from the equator. N for North of the equator, and S for south. So in order to find (-92, 22S) for example, move your mouse to (0, 0) which would be along the equator below England on the map, then move west (for the negative first number) until you hit -92, then down (for South) until you hit (-92, 22S.)

Hope this clears things up a little!