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Is the legandary City of Hetherdale real or only a fairy-tale made up by an 18th century madman? What dark mysteries does it hold? Find out as you play Dr. Heather Montrose, a young scholar destined to uncover the secrets of Hetherdale.


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General Hints and Tips:

  • Start the game with 2 kids, 2 young women and 1 young man.
  • Spend your tech points in the most logical fashion: from the cheapest to the most expensive on level 2. Once all the second level techs have been bought, save up that 70k for the extra tech points.
  • When you start the game, drag one adult all over the map to familiarize yourself with the hot spots.
  • The numpad is great for jumping to spots on the map, but it misses large portions of it. Don’t rely on it too much in hunting for collectibles.
  • VV4 is more forgivable when it comes to food than the other VV games – it’s pretty hard to starve to death, even with a large population.
  • If an adult refuses to do something, it might a job for a child.
  • Sometimes it takes more than just tech levels to solve a puzzle. It might take a skilled villager. Or a store of supplies.
  • Fresh water is for drinking. Salty water is for crafting.
  • When you see a collectible, pause the game and drag one kid on it. Then quickly hit the spacebar twice (unpause and pause again) and drag anther kid on the same collectible. This also works on mushrooms.
  • If you already collected the collectible, it will be turned into tech points. If you pick up the child and make him drop it, your tech points will go up immediately.
  • To make babies, pause the game and drag a villager on top of another villager until your population counter moves up. You don’t have to wait for them to go into the shack – the chance of pregnancy is calculated as soon as you put the villagers together.
  • A 2 year old can’t work…but she can be a healer.

Puzzles hints (as spoiler free as possible!)

  1. Covered in the tutorial. (check the fish bones.)
  2. Check the top of the river near the falls. When you’re done with that, look at what was under the waterfall. No luck? Check again after science level 2.
  3. Look at those wooden bowls for water near the river and the ocean. There are also some blackened rocks near the research area.
  4. Soapy-smelling plants and salter water equals…?
  5. Requires completion of #1 & #2. Cut down the greenery covered in butterflies and SLOWLY bring them to the tree.
  6. Requires #2. Check the pond near the top right cliffs in the midst of a monsoon.
  7. Clear the debris near the hard fruit trees. Then heat and use 4 blacked rocks. Cover with broad leaves from the tree right next to the blueberries.
  8. Requires #1, #3 and a clothing hut. Involves salt water and pulpy vines.
  9. Needs learning level 3.
  10. Take a couple of kids and an adult to the crab. (it’s red, it’s on the beach, it scuttles, and it’s really fast.)
  11. Requires completion of #7, & #12. Stew ingredients: 1 of each herb plant, fresh water, berries, baked fruit, fish, mushroom, and 2 bins of food from the food bin. A lot of people have trouble with this one – some say you need all those food already in the bin first.
  12. Needs #8. Have something to do with the piers.
  13. Needs #1, #8, and #4.
  14. Needs >20 people and dendrology level 2. Make a sweet stew and put everyone on it.
  15. Needs all pipe pieces, level 3 dendrology, #2, and #4. Bring a villager of pure body and mind to the tree.
  16. Needs Rope (in the research area), some supplies of #8, and then…follow the hummingbird.

Got questions? Post them in the comments.

I actually had a video walkthrough for the ENTIRE game made a while back, but the site is broken and I really don’t have time to fix it. Eventually I’ll dig up all the video files and just post the links, or move to a new server. Meanwhile, this particular puzzle is here on request.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Puzzle 1

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Puzzle 2

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Puzzle 3

Come and get it, guys and gals.

It’s in! I’ll be adding images shortly, but for now, at least you’ll have maps. 😉

Get the walkthrough (and the game!) at minutegamer.org.

It is DONE! You can find it over at the MinuteGamer.org site. I’ve linked it directly to make it easier to find.

The walkthrough includes all storyline solution videos, videos for all the harder puzzles, hints for the minor puzzles like pegs, images for all the traffic map puzzles near the end of the game, in a spoiler-free top page. Enjoy!

Last time I made a walkthrough for the Agatha Christie game, I split it up in pieces, but this time I did thumbnails instead to make things a little easier. If I’m missing anything, just leave a comment and I’ll add it – this was done via one play through. If you have requests for MULTIPLE objects in a given scene, contact me.

P.S. I’ve also made a trainer for this game to stop the timer. (I don’t know how else I could’ve got through some of these levels) I’ll still need to test it some more, then I’ll release it.

Hotel Lobby – 5 keys in their boxes

Round 1 solution

Seaview Promenade – 5 Stones in Sand

Gate to End House – Spell END HOUSE

Gate to End House – 12 Pieces of Newspaper

Round 2 Solution

Parlor – 6 Papers in a Drawer

Seacliff Steps – 2 Stones in a Row

Round 3 Solution

Freddie’s Room – 5 Tulips in a Vase

Foyer – 5 Pigs in a Row

Round 5 Solution

Round 6 Solution

Dining Room – 3 Teapots in order

Dining Room – Dismantled Radio

Round 7 Solution

Lounge – 6 Eggs on a Plate

Police Station – 3 helmets on a rack

Round 9 Solution

Beach – 6 Toys in a basket

Community Dock – 3 fishes on their hooks

Round 10 Solution

Ballroom – 5 Olives in Glass

Round 11 Solution (green, red, orange, yellow)
<!– –>

Cliff Edge of Lawn – 6 Croquet Balls

Dining Room – 3 Monks in Row



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