I try to write up one review a day (and considering how many games I’ve played, and how many games there are available, that’s not ambitious at all.) and how I do this is pretty simple. I will only write about something that is either free, or you can download it for free and play for a trial period. I’m a fan of BigFishGames, since they do release one new game a day.

I also tend to favour stuff that children would have fun playing along or simply watching. Or games that provide some educational value. If Curtis really hates a game (he had something against Cradle of Rome) I won’t end up playing it much at all, let alone review it. Curtis will almost always have a word in how the review turns out – if the music bothers him, you will know. If he found it particularly entrancing or he was interested when I point out colors and shapes, you will know too.

Every Friday, following an internet tradition, I will post free games. Some are downloadable games, some are flash games. Some might not be games at all, but it’d be stuff I’ve played before and are FUN. Generally, I don’t consider a celebrity punching game to be original or fun, so you won’t find it here.

I also always take into account that the games I choose only take a minute (or a few minutes) to play. So games that require you to sit down for a session and don’t save up to the minute is RIGHT OUT. After all, these games are for people who have other things than games to tend to.

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