These are my favorites. Not necessary the bestselling games, or the most popular or exclusive or whatever. Just things I’ve donwloaded over the years that I truly enjoy. As far as lists goes, it’s a pretty short one. I’ve only included 3 match-3 games, since I find that the rest of them are just copies of the best anyway. There are also more object hunting games, but I haven’t included the ones that don’t really count – like Hide and Secret – because they really SUCK.

Object Hunting or I-Spy type games

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, and Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects
Quirky storyline and characters, well hiddened objects, good minigames. The MCF games have set a new standard (and a new trend) for object hunting games. Of course, the idea is not at all original – who hasn’t played with such games in books or read I-Spy? The new thing here is bringing the genre to adults and bumping up the difficulty so that people of all ages can enjoy it. Together.

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhurst
The next installment of the game returns with contraptions reminiscent of those in adventure games. Very enjoyable, very spooky.

Dream Day Wedding, Hidden Expedition: Titanic
These not-quite-MCF games provide the same object hunting gameplay. They’re both very enjoyable and replayable. Dream Day Wedding, in particular, does something different – it gives you one stage at the end of each chapter that uses the same stage that you’ve done, but placing objects in different places. The memory game in it was pretty dull, though.

Magic Academy
A hide the objects game that I enjoy, although it doesn’t have much replayability. See my detailed review.

Travelogue 360 Paris
When they say 360, they meant it. An object hunting game that bumps up the challenge by letting you rotate the camera and putting the objects ANYWHERE in your sphere of view. The mingames were rather dull – too easy jigsaw puzzles and some “luggage packing.” But the core game is worth it. I use this to teach my son the names of objects, but he’s probably too young. πŸ™‚


The Da Vinci Code
Every once in a while, a great match-3 comes along that just blows the genre out of the water. This game took away the walls (rather, it expanded them) and gave the gamer a sense of adventure only previously impossible in this genre. Matching three things somehow became secondary to getting away from Silas. See my detailed review.

Big Kahuna Reef and Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction
Before BKR came along, everyone copied Bejewelled. Now that BKR has been around for a while, everyone copies Big Kahuna Reef. It has set standards for the match-3 genre that everyone tries to match. Chain Reaction gives you that instant gratification oh so necessary in match-3’s, and took it to the next level by setting up stages that gives you JUST that – chain reactions.

Egg VS. Chicken
It’s the one match-3 game where the match-3 aspect is so well integrated that you don’t even notice that at its core, this is essentially what you’re doing – matching 3 eggs or more. This is one case where a game turns the genre on its head, yet still stay in it. Somewhat. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and challenging.

Action and Arcade Games

A lot of games fall into this category. Needless to say, I’m only including things that I’ve played and find enjoyable – it’s surprising the amount of crap that gets released and even get on the “popular” list. I’ll forego detailed explanations – maybe I’ll drop in a review for most of these some other time when there aren’t new good games out.

Spawns of Diner Dash and Cake Mania

It’s Clicktastic!
I believe it was Insaniquarium that started it all, but there is now a whole genre of games where the objective is just clicking. A whole lot of clicking. And yes, it’s still fun for some reason.

23 Responses to “Cream of the Crop”

  1. Peggy Ostman Says:

    You have got to try “Hidden Expedition Everest”. It is awesome..

  2. JJ Says:

    Hi! Have you ever play the Plant Tycoon, if yes can you give me a tip on how to cross pollinate the 6 magic plant. I only found 2.

    1. Kell Says:

      my problem is that either I have the 24 hour trial and I can’t finish the game, or I don’t have the full version and can’t pause, so they all die overnight…

  3. Sally Says:

    JJ/ check the LDW forums from the creators of Plant Tycoon – there’s a huge user community around the game. They have an entire guides section as well.

  4. juudycootie Says:

    Do you have “Safecrackers”? I cannot get thru that one yet. Also stuck on some of “Zenichi”
    I love the other games you have and have most of them myself.. You must get “Hidden Expedition Everest” It is really good.

  5. Sally Says:

    I have Safecracker, but it takes a bit more time to play through than I really have time for right now. :/

    I’ve played through EVERY BFG hidden object game, so yes, I have Everest. There’s a review on it on this site if you want to search for it.

  6. Trish Says:

    Have you ever played Aveyond. I love that game and provides the somewhat angst releasing pleasure of killing monsters.

  7. Sally Says:

    Aveyond/ I have, and didn’t have enough time to finish it. Aveyond isn’t really a casual game; it takes much too much time to play through, but it’s definitely a great game.

  8. mary Says:

    hi there ..have u played Christmasville yet. I am stuck at level 5 with the word puzzle. Wonder can anyone here help me. thanks

  9. jane cooper Says:

    I am playing mystery in london the case of
    jack the ripper purchased from BigFishGames.
    I need the code to unlock the lock mechanism.
    I am completely stuck. Please help me.

  10. Amber Says:


    The lock codes change with each game so no one can tell you what the actual code is. If the number is red…it’s the right number in the wrong spot. If it’s green…it’s the right number in the right spot. If the number isn’t green or red then it doesn’t belong at all.

  11. Kareena Says:

    Stuck on 7 peg puzzle from Nightmare Hidden Secrets. Do you have a walk through yet? This game is too hard! Your Azada walk through is so much fun. How do people get it without a walkthrough?

  12. Sally Says:

    Hi Kareena/ You can get the complete walkthrough for The Nightmare at, our new home. πŸ˜‰

  13. Ginger Says:

    I’ve just played the trial version of Nightmare & Nightshift & somehow they didn’t interest me enough to buy them. I’m still holding out for the follow up to Azada! I know its double the price but I’ve just purchased Sunset Studio Deluxe @ the Zylom site instead. Its one of the few hidden object games that the items are not always in the same place each time you’ll play. So it’s kind of challenging & frustrating at times! And you have to “work” for the hints! So, the replayability is there. Plus I made it even more challenging by buying the Dutch version (not my native language) so I’ll be able to play with the kids from hubby’s side of family when we are back in Holland or when they visit us here. And I can still practise the language! I hope that the next step for this type of game is that the option to choose the language is within the game itself & not having to separately purchase it from another game developer. I know it will be a lot of work but do you see that happening in the future?

  14. Hunter Says:

    Your cheats for Home sweet home don’t work!

  15. liliana Says:

    Hi Sally thanks for your walkthroughs they’re really helpfull specially when you’re REALLY stuck. I love the MCF series! i’ve been able to finish allof them but one:Ravenhearst! it seem when you come to find the 7 keys at the end, the label to get to the basement doesnt lighten up so it IS impossible to get there, enter the cellar and finish the game! Ive been trying for ages for the label BASEMENT to light up! can you please help me?
    pd. ive tried several times running out of time and starting again and nothing….

  16. Sharon Says:

    Help! I need a walkthrough for Dream Chronicles 2…..You say it is here but, I can’t find it. I am stuck.

  17. Sally Says:

    Hi Sharon – it’s at

  18. Dinky Says:

    Sally… I have used your walkthroughs on both Ravenhearst and Madame Fate, fab games. I see that your new site is…. I will go there now to make a contribution. As I used your work, I kept thinking, I would like to put these folks on retainer!! Looks like I can!!
    Thank you for all your guidance, time and effort.

  19. Danielle Says:

    Does anyone know of any cheats or hints for Big Kahuna Reef 2? I am stuck on Tiki Challenge level 26. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. Thanks

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