Found the walkthroughs useful? A review on this site saved you from spending $20 on a really, really bad game? If you feel like it, you can tip this blogger via Paypal. The money goes to keep us awash in games. 🙂 (Just kidding – I haven’t thought about what to do with the money yet aside from buying Curtis a new toy…or two.)

On the other hand, I’ve scoured the net for fully legitimate affiliate offers that are actually useful to my readers – and believe me, that involves hours of wading through scammy links. Some of them are on the front page, but I’ll list the chunk of them here:

Computer related
AntiSpywareBot The best spyware scanner.
Error Killer The best Error fixer for windows.
RegClean Registry Cleaner from the people who made AntiSpywareBot.
ContentCleaner Objectionable & Sexual Content Cleaner Parental Control. Detect What A Web And Internet Filter Misses. Free Pc Scan. The Times Newspaper Recommeneds.

For the kids
The Baby Sleep Solution Audio Program – I wish I had this when Curtis was colicky.
Sign language for Babies – teach your child how to communicate before they can speak.
Printable Brain-E-Games to work your kids’ brains (and not to mention keep them off the computer)
Inspirational Kids’ Stories Tales that actually teach morals and character, backed by a 100% guarantee.
Buddy Browser – Safe, Educational And Fun Browser For Children.
Childhood Lane – A collection of stories for kids.

Copycat Recipes -“Copycat” recipes that imitate those found in restaurants, and they really do work. I got one because I’m in love with Red Lobster biscuits.
Dream Cakes Made Easy – Cake making for the uninitiated. Covers topics on how to make pretty much every kind of icing and cake from scratch.
Chocolate Recipes – Cost-effective low fat recipes for chocolate dessert. With video instructions so you can’t possibly mess up.

3 Responses to “Support Us”

  1. Caroline Paris Says:

    I am stuck in the police office after the Museum. I don’t understand how extract the blue part of a mechanism situated on the right of the door. I don’t find soluce for this part of this game. I am French and i DON’t understand very well your language

  2. Sandy Says:

    Most of the pictures are just black boxes. I cannot see anything or run the videos. Previously I could see the pictures and run the videos, but since last night most are black boxes. What is the problem?

  3. Dulcie Says:

    Experts have posted videos, articles and bogs about the danger posed by fake products.
    Although the strategies listed above are not exhaustive, they do provide you with several effective tips and
    tricks that you can implement in order to produce better content.

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