This will put 50,000 units of food in your fridge. I turned on the game this morning and there was 0 units and a very hungry toddler – that’s not good. I snooped in the save files a bit and made this patch. It comes in two flavours – one for x86 and one for x64 machines. If you have no idea which, you’re probably going to need the x86. For all I know, the x86 will work for x64 machines. Tested in XP only. And no, I don’t have a MAC so I don’t know how to make patches for MAC games.

Virtual Families 50K food patch (x86)

Virtual Families 50K food patch (x64)

  1. Open up your VF game, pause it, then close it. (Not minimize it – close it!)
  2. Unzip the file you downloaded.
  3. Run the patch.
  4. Under where it says “Path to the file to patch” there is a box. To the right of that, there’s a little box with 3 dots on it. Click.
  5. It should go straight to your default user directory, so just pick LDW > VirtualFamilies > and in my case, “Virtual Families1.ldw” click on it, click open.
  6. Under “Patch application options” check the top two. It should create a backup.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Run your game, and check the fridge. 50K should be OK if you forget about them for a few days, even with a family of 8.
  9. If you’re still confused, check out this video.

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