Clicking and dragging on a laptop (or netbook) is simply a … a… drag. I mean, it should be a simple enough action, but with the touchpad it’s almost impossible to play through a round of any time management game. Let’s not even mention Virtual Villagers, which is the bane of all people with carpal tunnel.

After trying to play the latest VV on a netbook, I got fed up. I mean, there has got to be a way for me to get through this game without both hands on the keyboard at all times squeezing into a little 2 inch square worth of space. Then I remembered Autohotkey.

I’ve written scripts for other LDW games before to reduce hand strain, so why not this one too? After a few experiments, I came up with this baby.


It’s very simple to use. Just run it. It will turn ALL your taps into clicking and holding. Then just tap again to drop whatever you were holding. The side effect is that anything else that required a single click will need double-clicks. When you don’t need to be dragging all the time, press F1 to turn it off.

Games that this script would be handy for:

  • Any of the Virtual Villagers games (and any other games by LDW)
  • Drag-3s
  • large file adventure games (when you’re trying to combine every single inventory item with another)
  • copying and pasting text on a laptop

Have fun. If you want to pass the file along, just pass this page along – the file doesn’t come with any instructions. Also, if you got it from here, I KNOW it hasn’t got a virus on it because I made it myself.