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It is DONE! You can find it over at the site. I’ve linked it directly to make it easier to find.

The walkthrough includes all storyline solution videos, videos for all the harder puzzles, hints for the minor puzzles like pegs, images for all the traffic map puzzles near the end of the game, in a spoiler-free top page. Enjoy!

Videos are ONLINE again. – 10:24 PM, Nov 27, 2007.

We’re are now complete. The only thing that I’m not too sure about is the items list, and I’m still working on the multiple object images. But otherwise, All the scenario puzzle solutions are here, including the very last one. (And may I say, what a lovely ending.) I’ve only played through the game twice, so I haven’t been able to get the exact numbers of multiple objects in a character’s scene. If you want to request one be posted, please leave the object’s name as well as how many there are. For example, if you want to know where the moons are in Dante’s scene, ask for “10 moons in Dante’s scene.”You’re welcome to link to this particular post. Please do not hotlink to the images or the videos – this site is independent so bandwidth is limited. ;

As for those word puzzles, you can solve them all with these two tools:
Andy’s Anagram Solver’s Crossword Solver
One Across Crossword Solver

The Amazing Larry: Lightning bolts, L’s, Moons, Spades, and Clubs, and wands.

Lightning BoltsL'sMoonsSpadesClubs

Larry’s Puzzle: pick the corret bunny out of the hat 3 times, then rearrange the cards on the sides in ascending order from top to bottom in the same suits. Click here for a video.

Lucy Longbeard: Combs, lipsticks, razor blades, butterflies, and flies.

Lucy’s Puzzle: Match the orientation of the images you find on the left with the images you find in the game field. This will unlock the two locked spaces for reels. Move a reel to a spot and press the nearest button. Rearrange the slides, then press the button beneath the TV. If you have the slides in the right order, the big green button will flash and you can move on the next one. Click here for a video.

Remember that planes fly forward, so the clouds move backwards.

Marlena the Mermaid: Musical Notes, Seahorses, Stars, Hooks, and M’s.

Marlena’s Puzzle: This has got to be the easiest puzzle in the game. Clicking on the outside ring colors bring it to the inside, clicking on an inside ring moves it one out and one clockwise. All you have to do is match inside and outside. The best strategy is to work in an orderly fashion stacking matches next to each other. Click here for a video.

Art the Carny: B’s, Candies, Cigars and Paper clips.

Art’s Puzzle: Second easiest puzzle in the game. Left lever turns the wheels to the left, right lever turns it to the right. The star button switches between color wheels. The best strategy: move all the red ones from the blue wheel to the green, then to red. Click here for a video.

Twyla’s Puzzle: Peg puzzles are notoriously frustrating, and this is no different. Aim your mouse on the edges of the pegs and you should be OK. Just match the pegs to whatever color is spinning. At the end, put the golden teeth in the mouth. Click here for a video.

Daredevil Diva: Balloons, feathers, propellers, rockets, and matches

Bianca’s Puzzle: clicking and dragging the dials next to the icons will change the icons at the bottom of the screen. You want to form these “questions” and “answers.” Click here for a video.

Foot + Ball = Football
Victorian Man + Victorian Woman = Baby
Pan + Cake = Pancake
Lightning + Tree = Dead tree
Skull + Bones = Pirate
H2 + O = Water
Monk + Key = Monkey
Star + Fish = Starfish
Angel’s Wings + Horse = Pegasus (flying horse)
Gas Container + Match = Explosion
Rooster + Hen = Little chick

Fabiano: F’s, Horse Shoes, Nuts, and Paw Prints.

Fabiano’s Puzzle: This is so easy it isn’t even fair. Click on the words on the left to form MIND. Click on the words on the right to form “SOUL.” Click on both hearts to pump blood into the cups and see the flags fly up to the top. Click on the hammer. Click here for a video.

Lance: Bats, Darts, Nails, Safety Pins, Scissors, and Swordfishes.

Lance’s Puzzle: If this is randomized, the key is to work on one row and extrapolate the rest. If not, here are the solutions. Click here for a video.

Armado’s Puzzle: Technically, the goal is to get colored balls from the chute to fall into the same color hat, and it takes skill to set up the pegs. Realistically, the best way to solve it is to randomly click close to the hat it’s supposed to fall into and do it fast. It’s not how many balls you drop that makes the chute move; it’s a timer.

Tabitha’s Puzzle: This is a “light the board” puzzle in disguise. When you click on one tile, it’ll flip it as well as the four around it. The image you want to match is the one that’s blinking along the side. Click here for a video.

Franco’s Puzzle: This has got to be the second most annoying one. It’s cute, but the key is timing. You want to watch the though bubble of the man, then match it with the item in the woman’s hand, click on it so she’ll throw it, then count to three and click on the man so his tongue will snatch the item. Repeat in the opposite way for the woman until the heart in the back is full. Click here for a video.

Dr. Goodwill’s Puzzle: You want to use shoot the stoppers of corresponding colors into the bottles. The “Rx” holes teleports, the blank tile destroys the stopper, and the arrows redirects them. Here are the solutions: Red, Amber, Blue, and Green. Click here for a video.

Puddle’s Puzzle: Drop the items from the clown’s pockets into the mouths above, matching their colors. Click on the clown’s nose to retract the tie, and turn the dials he’s holding until each picture displays a brown and yellow honeycomb. Click on the nose again, and the bees will come out. Match the order you take the bees back to the comb to the number of honey combs that are directly above each. Click here for a video.

Dante’s Puzzle: This one is complicated. πŸ™‚ I could describe it in text, but you’re better off watching the video.

Tans’ Puzzle: You need to fill in the blank. First, complete the switch by dragging the bottom half of it to the top half. Hit the switch. Then weigh the letters from left to right on the balancing pole to make sure they balance. Do this backwards, since you’ll end up putting the letters in backwards. Click on the satellite dish to get letters. Click here for a video.

Your Fate Revealed: You need to move the puzzle pieces from the right to the left, matching all the edges. Here’s the complete solution from the left card to the right card.

Mysterious, Changing Items (Once they’re gone, they’re GONE.)

The Amazing Larry: The lock on the water “closet.”
Entrance: A bottle/flashlight next to the ticket booth.
Entrance – ticket booth: Lock and key in the middle of the screen.
Bumper Cars: A banana on the ground.
Insanerator: Hat on the right side near the fan
Insanerator – Engine: Domino bottom right.
Mermaid Dunk: Red/Green Apple bottom right.
Marlena the Mermaid: Red big E/A on the bottom right.
Lucy Longbeard: Owl, extreme top left of the screen.
Tattoo Parlour – Book: Soda Cap right in the middle of the left edge.
Amazing Larry: The joker in the hand of the magician.
Concession Stand: The “drink” on the sign right next to the cotton candy.
Clown’s Trailer: Statue on top of the luggage, just to the right of the trailer.
Pig Pen: Pool ball (8 ball or stripes) near the pumpkin at the bottom right.
Bianca the Daredevil: Clown at the back of the scene, on the left near the white rocket.
Ringmaster’s Tent: Vase on the bottom right of the screen.
The Strong Man – Trailer: Christmas ornament/Angel top left of the screen near the back arrow.
The Strong Man: Cornucopia (a horn with stuff coming out of it) on the stage right next to the stack of tires.
Lance: the word “REAL” on a sign on the wall on top of a bat.
Entrance – Blue Van: A flower sticker on the back of the seat, middle-left of the screen.
Tattoo Palour: Ball on top of the bottle of wine (moonshine.)
Rocket Ride: A baseball/tennis ball plugging up a button, bottom right of the screen.
Gypsy’s Wagon: A gnome/skull in the barrel near center right of the screen.
Shooting Gallery: Horse/Cow on top of the shelf on the right side of the screen.
Ringmaster’s Ten- Aquarium: Leaf/butterfly just before the tail of the large yellow angel fish. Near the top of the screen.
Tabitha: Poster in the background middle left.
Art the Carny: the text “You Gotta” on the sign bottom right.
Pie Eating Contest: Just to the right and below the sign in the middle, a dog that changes from one breed to another.
Pie Eating Contest – Oven: Bottom middle of the screen, a block changes from a D to an N.
Puddles: Mushrooms at the bottle right of the screen.
Clown’s Trailer – In the trailer: Fries / Burger on the floor just in front of the bright yellow clown shoes.
Three Headed Beast: near the bottom center, the top of the lion tamer’s stool goes from a star to a target.
The Photo Shack: Rubber Duckie/Man in the water barrel to the bottom left.
Dante: The horns on his head changes shapes.
Puppet Theatre: Pine Tree / Bowling pin smack in the center of the screen.
Franco: Moon/Pidgeon near the top right on the roof.

This is a complete video and graphical walkthrough of Dream Chronicles. I didn’t include the gem locations – I’m not a completionist. I’ve moved all the google video files to Youtube since gvideo has proven to be extremely unreliable. <_<

[edit – looks like I've outgrown my fish bowl. I'm uploading images to a new file host as I type. Check back in an hour and we should have the images back up.]

Chapter 1 – Bedroom

Pick up the diary off the floor, then pick up the matches off the mantelpiece, click on the matches and use them to light the heath.

Chapter 2 – Hallway

Find the items circled here and use them in the mosaic ceiling.

Chapter 3 – Lyra’s Room

Turn on the light in the room, then turn on the lights in the doll house.

Chapter 4 – Bridge

Build a bridge.

Pick up these chalks and use them on the tree house pictures.

Locations of the stones used to spell out “LYRA.”

Chapter 5 – Tree House

Here are all the items you will need to build the wagon.

Then, just build the wagon and pull it.

Chapter 6 – Garden

Chapter 7 – Library

Chapter 8 – Secret Room

Click on three items, and the switch behind the crystal ball. The bookshelf covers will open.

Locations of all 8 cards. Two of them are only accessible after you’ve opened the covers. Click on the symbol on the wall.

Insert the “opposite” symbol cards.

Chapter 9 – Parlor

Locations of all the photographs.

Chapter 10 – Garden

Locations of all the stones needed in the ground mosaic.

Chapter 11 – Green House

Talk to the ill manner plant until it agrees to help you, then kowtow until it opens the door. πŸ™‚

Chapter 12 – Statue

Here are all the parts.

Build a statue:

Chapter 13 – Puppet Theatre

Locations of the masks to open the theatre box with, as well as rope to tie the curtains back.

Open the theatre box.

Locations of gears and stick.

Chapter 14 – In Town

Locations of the weights in the main screen. The “25” unit is on the scale in Tutti Fruitti.

Here are the items that you can pick up from the town for weighing, and …

… Fruits that can be used for the same purpose in Tutti Fruitti.

Once you click on the gate at the end of town, you’ll be presented with numbers. Just weigh your items accordingly. If you run out of room in your inventory (very annoying, btw) you can always leave them on the posts near the gate. I can’t exactly give you what items to put on the poles – the weights of the items are randomized.

Chapter 15 – Forest

Pick up the 5 pieces of signpost and build it in the middle.

Now build the light.

Once the light is on, click on the left tree trunk and arrange it to look like this:

Then on the right tree trunk and arrange it like so.

Chapter 16 – In Front of the Mansion

First, find the four symbols scattered around the map. Then click on the door.

Now click on the raised buttons on the ground and arrange the symbols like so:

Chapter 17 – The Mansion

Turn on the lights and fix the stairs.

Locations of the photos to put on the wall.

Chapter 18 – Final Puzzle Room

Big Fish Games Homepage

Not a perfect game, but you get the idea.

This is a bit of a request. All the pipes puzzles are randomly generated, so this isn’t so much a walkthrough as it is a bunch of examples. Some of these I just did from beginning to end. When that didn’t seem to work, you want to go from the obsolutes to the relatives; what I mean is to move the things that have NO choice as to their positions – straight pipes at the edge has to be parallel to the edge, corners at the corners can’t stick out. Then you work on the straight and curved pipes that attach to those, then lastly twist the rest of them into position.






The horse race is random, so it might take a couple of tries.

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