After an entire week of late nights and hard work, the new web site is finally live. It’s not perfect, and I still have to optimize the database and do a bunch of backend work. But it is fully functional and I invite you to take a look at our new face. It will have a lot more in it and possibly organized differently than the way it is now.

I’ve added a painfully small parenting section, a news section (it is very cool, Ajax based and pretty) that updates with some great blogs everyday, a bunch of free flash games you can play right from the browser, and if you register as a user, I will never spam you (well, unless we move or something then I’ll let you know about it) and you will get updates on what I’m working on – which is mostly tests on new adventure games.

If you sign up in the next couple of days, you might find a surprise waiting for you in your user-menu. We shall see how well my microphone works on this new computer.

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Well, for one, I’m working on a new site. Then I’m going to move this blog’s content there, with better and easier navigation. That’s priority #1.

I’m also working on an adventure game. How exciting! The story phase is almost done, and it’s codenamed Anamnesis (That’s an – am – NEE – sis.) The story is pretty much fleshed out but it’s getting a bit too ambitious, so I might have to chop it in two big chapters. Some scenes are already being built in 3D and I’m testing render speeds quality vs. quantity. It’ll be 3rd person point and click; at first I wanted to 1st person slide-show, but it turned out to be too much work for the computer.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really tried writing a “tag paragraph” that doesn’t leak the entire story yet, and any attempts to write one seem to “spill.” So I’ll just tell you that most of the puzzles are going to be inventory / dialog based, and that there will only be a scant few mechanical puzzles in the game. The story so far only involve 3 large locations with sub-locations.

On top of that, did I mention that I have a from-home full-time job and a 13 month old? So yes, casual games have been put temporarily on hold. I just don’t have time for even them at the moment. When the sequel to Azada comes out though, you’ll be sure to see a walkthrough here, but I’m going to skip anything less than spectacular.

EE is a high-quality, free, 3d MMORPG*. It takes place in an epic fantasy world full of fantastical monsters…

…and will also play right from your browser and will be completely free. (Well, you know what they mean. Free like MapleStory free. Option to purchase extra things, furniture for your dwelling likely, but the core game will be free.) Frankly, it looks stunning for something that plays in your browser.

Why is this under “original” you may ask? No elves, no dwarves, no been there done that fantasy races. It’s definitely different.

Read their FAQ.

*Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game

Thank you for those who have contributed to our donations – MinuteGamer is going to be moving to a new space in a week or two. It’s still up in the air whether we’re going to stay with WordPress or going off to Joomla, but we’re definitely moving to our own domain and hosting. Yippee! I can’t wait. (Actually, with the amount of work involved … I can. 😉 )

Also, you might notice if you’re a regular that we haven’t had too many updates lately – Curtis is teething pretty badly with his molars, and he’s been having a fever every couple of days and of course, he needs mommy’s attention. So that’s where my attention is, where it’s truly important. Everything else aside, the baby is still #1!

He’s also just had his first birthday a week ago, so my little guy is now official the big ONE. With our blog money (yes, it’s our blog money – most of it gets spent on the baby, and the rest to games and hosting) plus some extras from my dad and my aunt, we got him the best car seat we can find and a V-Smile Baby system. The constant sound of “Orange! Orange! Orange!” is annoying to say the least, but he seems to love it.

During our visit to Babies R’ Us for the car seat, the one thing I really noticed is the ignorance of safety standards. Car Seats for toddlers allow you to turn the baby front-facing at 1 year old or about 20 lbs. Ideally, for maximum safety, we’re not going to turn Curtis around until he’s 35 lbs. Rear-facing is the safest position to travel for adults or children, but it’s especially important in kids since their heads are very heavy. In a head-on collision with another car, the head could snap forward and the neck could break easily.

The Babies R’ Us employees kept mentioning that there will be “no room for his legs” soon enough and that the recommendation is to turn them forward at 20 lbs. I asked them this: if you’re in a car accident with your child, which would you rather him break? His neck or his legs?

Here’s a YouTube video demonstrating car seat safety.

Lately I’ve seen this site’s traffic double, then quadruple, and doubled again. The problem with that, of course, is that I use a free host for the images, and my 8 gb / 30 days bandwidth limit filled up in a really big hurry. So if you’ve visited in the last day or so and saw “bandwidth limit exceeded” signs all over the place, that’s what the situation was.

Notice the past tense? Well, I’ve moved everything over to Imageshack, and hopefully that should do us for a little while. In case anyone reading this is looking for a good image host, Imageshack is very popular with the ebay sellers – it offers unlimited uploads, and 100 MB of bandwidth per image per hour, which means that I can get away with 2000 image view per hour since my average image is 50 kb. We shouldn’t hit that ceiling anytime soon.

Also, to those who emailed and suggested that I add a donation button, I have done so. You can find the button on the right side of the home page or the main archive page. I’ll slowly roll the button into all my large complete walkthroughs as well, but for now the sidebar is the only place the donation button lives.