As a pretty young blog by all standards, I thought it’s only right for me to announce that I’m going on a little hiatus for a week. I’m learning some scripting (I’m working on my own game! It’s only one level, and it’s only a bit of a pet project, but what the heck – when it’s done you guys/gals can play it) and it’s taking up my game time. However, the site will STILL be updated. Magic Academy walkthrough is going to be updated each night by installments, Private Eye walkthrough is coming, but it’d probably be one every 2 days. So yes, there will be new stuff coming up everyday as usual, but I can’t promise that the new stuff will be new reviews.

Considering that I have a very demanding baby, 32 hours or so of office work a week, egad, I might need some help with the reviews around here. Maybe Curtis can help me write up something.

Curtis just learned the art of the squeal a few days ago. Ok. Nevermind squeal – the kid learned how to scream. He doesn’t really know what it means yet, but he does know that forcing air through those little pipes of his makes a high, screechy, and different sound than any he’s used to hearing from himself. So he’s been practicing.

He’ll scream when he’s happy, he’ll scream when he’s bored, he’ll scream just to hear himself scream. My neighbours probably thinks that we’re either torturing him or changing his diaper 20 times a day. I wonder if other babies go through this stage. I certainly don’t remember my little brother going through a scream stage or hearing other people talk about it.

He’s happily screaming at the moment and my ears are starting to ring. Note to self: get some ear plugs.