Papa Louie is an extremely well done free platform game. You can jump, glide, hit, throw pepper bombs – and it’s relatively non-violent too! Pizza monsters roam the levels, and you need to go around hitting them with your pizza paddle.  Some pizza monsters can be “boxed” and at the end of the level, you need to bring the boxes of pizza to a pulley system to free trapped customers.

Weirdness, but definitely a whole lot of fun. Play the game here.

The School Food Trust in England commissioned a flash game that plays like Sonic the Hedgehog while brainwashing the kids into thinking that healthy food is cool. Hey, why don’t the Canadian school system do something like this? Eating junk food makes you slow and fat, healthy food gives you points and keep you fast and lean. Doing push-ups help you lose weight and therefore faster.

Great “game” to trick your kids into playing, and it’s actually quite a lot of fun for us adults too! Play the game here. Ad-free.