Update – 2007.09.13 (2 updates in a day!)
Went through and fixed the coordinates for the seed box script, and “corrected” the soil and water positions. Hopefully, this will mean that it will work for everyone while in FULL-SCREEN mode. In windowed mode, all the verticals could be off by as much as 20 pixels. (the header)

Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.02
Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.02 (Bestsharing Mirror)
Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.02 (Mooload Mirror)
Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.02 (Upload2.net Mirror)

Update – 2007.09.13
Added a key for trashing seeds.
Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.01

This is not a hack, not a trainer, not a … well, not anything special really. It’s just a mouse script. It takes the “chores” out of Plant Tycoon so you can concentrate on the important things like cross pollination. If you just started the game you probably won’t use this, but it’s good for automating these few things:

  • It will set up all the pots by putting soil and water in all the pots, and
  • It will water all the pots to almost but not quite full.
  • It will also plant the first 15 seeds in your box (first 10 in the first horizontal line and first 5 in the second) into your 15 pots.
  • There is a hotkey for selecting each of the plants, and
  • A hotkey for harvesting each seed.

I made this because I got sick of clicking and dragging. Trust me – clicking and dragging will get on your nerves after a while because there will be lots of it. This program will do exactly what it says, and no more than that. It does not contain anything aside from mouse instructions because, uh, I wrote it! 🙂

Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.0

You will need to unzip the file. After that you can run it anywhere. Use CTRL-H while it’s running for help.

If you have any suggestions to make the script better, contact me!

  • Don’t even think of cross pollinating until you’ve bought the first soil upgrade.
  • Keep a copy of all the original seeds.
  • Keep an extensive log of all cross pollinations. Make a family tree.
  • The first part of a plant’s name is the fruit/flower, and the second part is the stalk/body.
  • You can run the nursery while the game is paused.
  • Shopping: soil before water. Everything else is negligible.
  • Your rarest seeds will survive in the cheapest water and most expensive soil if you check on it often enough to check for infestations.
  • Water your plants up to the “A” and no more.
  • Go ahead and fiddle with your windows clock. Just keep all your times within 12 hours and in the PM/AM, and don’t crossover. If you’re not careful you could end up with a lot of dead plants.
  • Clicking on the tap in the main screen gives you in-game hints.

General walkthrough:

Plant all the first seeds, pollinate each to get a “pure” copy of each seed. Figure out which one will sell for the most money, and start mass producing. Once you have $850, buy the new soil. Cross pollinate and find the next most expensive breed. Save enough for the next soil upgrade. Continue until you have third generation “rare” seeds and the third soil and water upgrades, as well as the extra seed boxes. After that, cross-pollinate like crazy – just keep notes, k? You’ll regret it later if you don’t.

Plant Tycoon Review
Plant Tycoon Helper 1.0

  • To make Combos, click on a tile in the bottom row, then click on multiple tiles in the play field. Remember, the tiles have to be the exact pattern and color – and some look pretty close!
  • The key word is speed. If you don’t click on them fast enough, your tile disappears and the game considers your combo complete.
  • Try to make combos every turn. The clock can be very unforgiving.
  • In the painting mini-game, remember that clicking on a circle rotates it.
  • The Ankh is the “death” ankh, not the life ankh. Confusing eh? Using an ankh on a tile in the play field DESTROYS all tiles on the field of the same color and pattern, despite their position.
  • A joker is your most valuable asset. You can use it to make combos with tiles that you just can’t seem to get rid of – all of those odd ones. The number on the joker indicates how many tiles you can destroy in one go.
  • The blue power-up with 3 tiles on it shuffles YOUR deck. It does not shuffle the tiles on the play field – just gives you new tiles in your row.
  • The orange power-up with flames in the middle is like a cannon. It destroys single tiles.
  • The green power-up with arrows on them can swap two tiles in your playfield.
  • Using sixth sense reveals all the keys and power-ups on the field.
  • Transform can be very useful as a power-up. It changes all instances of a pattern-color tile in the play field to something you have on hand, so you can match it right away.
  • The clock tower mini-game: It doesn’t matter what order you use the numbers in as long as you use them all. It’s really more work than play.
  • If Roman numerals confuse you, mouse-over a number in the clock and its conventional counterpart will appear.
  • Secret levels (after clock towers) are a lot harder than the normal levels, so if you want to skip them for now, just click on “map” when you have a choice to go to the clock tower.
  • If you don’t like how the beds are all colored purple (or any given color repeated too many times) in the beginning, just hit ESC and hit restart day. The bed colors are randomized, and so are the patients.
  • Don’t be obssessive about color matching; just keep all your beds filled at all times.
  • Do be obssessive about chaining actions together. Chaining bonuses work up to x5.
  • Before you start each level, check out the numbers of the beds and keep in mind which ones can be served together.
  • In the levels where virus outbreaks are rampant, it may be prudent to hold the spray in one hand at all times and just work with the other. You don’t need to click on a bug to spray it – you just have to walk by it.
  • Celebrities pay more, but they also demand more.
  • Don’t click on the crazy monkey – just plan your paths to walk by it.
  • Listen for the sound of breaking beds, and repair them RIGHT AWAY.
  • Strive for expert all the time – you need all the extra cash you can get.
  • Click on the band whenever they light up.
  • Use your perks! They’re free!

Review: Fever Frenzy

Read the general hints in your help menu! After that, read this:

  • When you take in babies, count them. You want at least 4 babies who are of the following types: ghost, dragon, or cyclops. As soon as you have 4 of those, ignore the door. Tend to them religiously and you shouldn’t have any problems getting 5x purple halos for those 4 kids.
  • If you don’t get the kids you want, you can always “save and exit” and “play” again. The kids are randomized.
  • Keep a diaper on hand at all times and always change on “on the spot” instead of carrying them to the change station. If you must go to the change station, change and get an extra at the same time.
  • At the beginning of each chapter, familiarize yourself by running from one spot to another. Sometimes even though things look like they’re close together, they’re not. In some levels the hotspot (where Molly stands when she drops off the baby) for the mat is above, and some is below. Find out before you start picking up kids.
  • Prioritize the buying of items that shortens feed / sleep / play times. The extra chair / crib / play areas aren’t necessary if you master the art of swapping babies.
  • Swap your babies! Don’t move them unless they need something or another baby needs their spot.
  • Once you have the nanny you can handle 5 kids, since you can just leave one with the nanny unless there’s a need to change the diaper.
  • Break up fights immediately – boo boos take as long as diapers.

Daycare Nightmare review

  • Symbols – How to solve Sodoku. If you’re still stuck, here’s a Sodoku Solver. Just swap the symbols for numbers.
  • Squares – Dots and boxes. The logic is simple – keep drawing lines to NOT make 3-sided squares, and keep going until the computer makes a mistake. If you’re forced to do this before the computer, choose an area where it can’t make that many combos.
  • Matchsticks – classic matchstick puzzles. My continually updated Matchstick puzzles videos.
  • The Shapes – Chinese Tangrams. It’s kind of hard to lose since the game changes the color of the tile when it’s in the right place.
  • The Towers – Hanoi tower. Hanoi Tower solver. Just let it know how many rings are in there, and it solves it for you.
  • Sequences – Figure out the next symbol in sequence.
    black moon – white moon – white square – (black square)
  • Pawns – English peg solitaire. You can find the solution right here.
  • Pipes – pipe dream, but you have to close off all the exits of the pipes, and the ooze doesn’t chase you. Working from entrance to exit and figure out the branches along the way is the best solution. Remember, eliminate the impossible.
  • Chemicals – Mastermind. Once you know the concept it’s pretty simple.

You can find my graphical walkthrough for the story puzzles here.

  • Do two things at a time, and don’t try to go for four, especially in the later levels. Two burgers, two baskets of fries, two shakes.
  • If there are common ingredients, try your best to use them at the same time to avoid moving your mouse too many times.
  • If you don’t have anything on a platter yet, you won’t lose any money losing a customer. Just give that plain hamburger a slice of cheese to get rid of it if you don’t want to spend time grilling for $3.
  • Use dead-time wisely. That’s why I say work on two things at a time – while you’re blending the first two shakes, you can add milk and ice cream to the second pair.

And if you’re really, really, really stuck, you can always cheat.

Open up Notepad. Go to File > Open > and navigate to the folder where you installed Burger Island. Chances are, it’s in c:\program files\burger island or something similar. Once you’re there, look for the “config” folder, and find the file “levels.xml.” Open that file up in Notepad.

Now, each level is formatted like this. You’re concerned with <id></id>, <money></money>, and <duration></duration>. You can safely ignore the rest of the data.


The <id> tag contains the level #, which is presented in the bottom of your screen when you’re playing the level. <money> is the amount of money you need to finish your level, and duration is the number of seconds you have to finish the level. Just find the section of the file where the level you’re stuck at is, change one of the values to something more reasonable, so to speak, save the file, then load up the game.

Review: Burger Island

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