…or, how to keep your neighbors happy and hopefully they will keep you happy too. 🙂

There’s a lot of guides out there for Frontierville, but not many of them about what to gift people. I’ve also read some place that “gifts that give energy is always welcome” and “you don’t really need more than 15 ribbons” which is really just total misinformation (or completely outdated information, depending on how you look at it.) Here’s the basic rule of frontierville gifting:

Give things that your neighbors cannot BUY in the marketplace.

That’s it! This includes:

Building Materials (330)
To build ONE of each of the buildings in Frontierville, you will need 66 of EACH building material. That’s 66 Bricks, 66 Nails, 66 Hand Drills, 66 Buckets of Paint, and 66 Hammers. That’s 330 gifts of just building material in order to finish all the quests in the game. So if your neighbor’s wishlist is empty, send them a random building material. If your neighbour’s wishlist is full of collectibles that you don’t have, send them a building material. In other words – when in doubt, send building material! Even if your neighbour already built everything, who knows when Zynga will add another building and ask for 50 of each material for it?

School Materials (255)
Once the schoolhouse has been built, your neighbors will want to complete lessons offered at the school. These are very demanding – to complete all of them you will need 51 of each of the following: Chalk, Slate, Ink Pen, Ink Well, and Spitball. 255 Gifts. However, don’t send these unless you see at least 1 of these on their wishlist. Great to plan ahead and all, but if s/he is still building a school house, s/he will probably appreciate some building materials more.

Ribbons (92+)
You will only need a scant few ribbons before the school house is built, but once it is built, you will be needing a lot of them. 92 to be exact. If you see ribbons on your neighbour’s wishlist, send it as a priority.

Collectibles (Only when it’s on your neighbour’s wishlist)

Nobody wants an extra 10 poultry puddin’.

Really. Nobody does! We already have over 60 from trying to get eggs! Send collectibles if you have extra, off the “My Neighbors” tab. This way you will know for sure that your neighbour needs the collectible you’re sending. If you have something very rare, send a message ahead to see if they want to trade.

Other rules of etiquette:

  • Don’t send food unless your neighbour asks for it as a request
  • Don’t send decorations, animals, trees, etc unless the person you’re sending to specifically asked for them. Stick to the list.
  • Click on your neighbor’s “wanted material” links – they cost you nothing, and you can click on 50 of them a day.
  • You CAN send out more than 30 free gifts a day, just not more than 30 per session, so just go back to the free gifts page, choose a gft, and pick more neighbors.
  • Mystery gifts are only good for high level players who has plenty of everything else – i.e. if they don’t have ribbon, school material, or building material on their wishlist. (Also useful in the case where someone is desperately seeking a hard to find collectible – like a welcome mat.)
  • If you see something strange on a newbie’s wishlist – like planks, fire, or even cloth, send them a message to let them know how to get those things. It’s not immediately obvious that clicking on a building allows you to craft things.

Now onto the tips:

If you’re a fast typist, make a list in notepad of all the people who wants the same thing. If there are 15 people in your list who wants ribbons, then you can just send them out all at once. Let’s say you pick a brick, then start typing in the text box to filter out the names. Once a name comes up, hit TAB > SPACE > Shift-TAB and keep typing. You can easily go through the entire gift list for 4 different gifts in less than 5 minutes.

If you find clicking on your neighbor’s wish links to be a bit tedious, start utilizing your middle mouse button (or CTRL-tap on a laptop) to open them in new tabs. Go down your news page, always sorting “most recent” and middle click all the wanted and give away links. Then go through the pages from the last one up and click on yes and hit CTRL-W to close the tab. You don’t need to load up the game for it to take effect. Click-close click-close click-close. You get EXP and free food from their other links, so click on their wish links!

Free full length adventure game you can play in your browser.

Is the legandary City of Hetherdale real or only a fairy-tale made up by an 18th century madman? What dark mysteries does it hold? Find out as you play Dr. Heather Montrose, a young scholar destined to uncover the secrets of Hetherdale.


If you’re using firefox, get the Flash Game Maximizer extension and play the game fullscreen!

Kloonigames is a company that releases experimental freeware games every month – usually these are completely off the wall and features gameplay mechanics that’s never been used before (no dash games or hidden object games for you) and naturally, I check every once in a while to see what’s new. There’s one game already posted here quite like Crayon Physics, but that’s a flash game. This is a downloadable freeware game from Kloonigames.

Basically, in Crayon Physics you’re given a piece of paper to draw stuff on, and the aim is to get the ball to the star. That’s it. You can make rocks, draw ladders, what have you, as long as the result is a 2D platform area where you can get the ball to the star. And yes, it’s much more complicated and requires more strategy than you might think. It’s even alt-tab friendly and plays in fullscreen.

Play Crayon Physics here.

Once that’s got you hooked, the developer is working on a full version of the game that involves much more complicated physics – axle and rotation and wheels and all that, and all it requires is your imagination. You can check out a Youtube video here:

And sign up for their newsletters hoping to be the first to know when it does come out.

Excit is a ball bouncer much like the ones found in old adventure games. The premise of the old game is simple – push a ball in any direction and it’ll keep rolling unless stopped by a wall; bring the ball to the exit without it running off the edge of the board.

Replace ball with Spreadsheet cursor and walls with solid blocks, add some colored portal blocks for teleportation, and you have Excit. Addictive little thing. It has 30 levels, and each has a password. There’s even a ranking system. Collect the MIS icons to score a higher ranking.

Play Excit.

EE is a high-quality, free, 3d MMORPG*. It takes place in an epic fantasy world full of fantastical monsters…

…and will also play right from your browser and will be completely free. (Well, you know what they mean. Free like MapleStory free. Option to purchase extra things, furniture for your dwelling likely, but the core game will be free.) Frankly, it looks stunning for something that plays in your browser.

Why is this under “original” you may ask? No elves, no dwarves, no been there done that fantasy races. It’s definitely different.

Read their FAQ.

*Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game

Chain Factor is a new kind of puzzle game where you drop numbered/gray discs onto a game board, where it sticks, disappears, explodes, causes chain reactions, and all kinds of other exciting things. The game rules are like none I’ve seen before, and there’s three different modes plus a leaderboard already, even though it’s technically pre-BETA.

Chain Factor is looking for play testers to prepare for a BETA launch – give it ago. Math can be strangely addictive.

Play The Chain Factor.

Portal 2D – like portal 3D, but runs right from your browser. Your only weapon is a gun that shoots portals, and your job is to get from entrance to exit. The first few levels are extremely easy as they just show you the ropes, but gets progressively harder as it require you to use gravity to your advantage. For example, if you fall from a great height into a portal, then come out of a portal that shoots you out horizontally from a wall, the gravity is transferred from your jump. Cool, eh?

If you like it, you might as well buy the 3D version from Valve. It’s short, but way worth it.

Play Portal 2D

I knew I had this in my bookmarks some place, but the mysteries of searching for your own bookmarks is still beyond my abilities … sometimes. The site is Pjio, where “gamers and game makers like to hang out.” It’s like the other game community sites – a huge number of games, some good, some bad, some abysmal. The best part is the rating system – good games float to the top while bad games sink to the bottom so the casual observer can just play the good stuff.

And good stuff there are plenty. Sudoku games that are free and much better than their glitzy commercial counterparts, creative puzzle games based on shape physics, tycoon games – anything that’s available from a major portal is also available here, with a mix of free trials and web games.

Take a look around Pjio – it’s like YouTube for games, and there’s definitely potential.

Another site, The Great Games Experiment, does basically the same thing but is less than perfectly organized. It includes a lot of links to commercial games with screenshots on a wide range of platforms, and you have to dig around for the games you can download and play. As for “freshness,” Azada is listed as their feature puzzle. Enough said. It does have a good community going and all the game profiles are user/developer submitted. It’s ran by the wonderful people at Garage Games, the people who made the Toque Game Builder.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s just say that Grimm’s Hatchery as well as G.H.O.S.T. Hunters were made using the TGB.)

Check out the Great Games Experiment for yourself. You might have better luck finding things than I do.

A mission-based game to promote the Royal Air Force, Global Rescue’s got it all – obstacles to fly around, hostages to rescue, guns to fire. All of it presented in the usual Kerb quality.

RAF Global Rescue

Kongregate is a site like Newgrounds. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain: they’re both flash game communities where independent Flash game developers post their games and get noticed. There are around 1500 games on there and a lot of them are badly made, but the gems are amazing, with no commercial counterparts that I can think of.

Notessimo is a music maker with an easy to use interface that you can use to create music in minutes. I played with it a bit when it was new, and it has now been updated to feature songs by other Kongregate users. It’s amazing the things it can do – you can create complete MIDI songs on this thing. There are tons of instruments to choose from, and it’s as simple as clicking on a music staff.

Notessimo is definitely worth a bookmark.

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