First, you have to download and install t-search. T-search is a popular memory editing program. It’s the easier to use of the bunch (there ARE easier to use ones that are packed with spyware, so no thanks) and it’s full of features. In this case we’re only going to use the most basic of the features, so don’t worry: this is going to be easy.

  1. Open up Little Shop of Treasures 2 as well as T-search.
  2. Switch to t-search and click on “open process”. Choose “LittleShopOfTreasures2.exe.”
  3. Switch to the game and go into a game screen. Look at the timer on the top right, and click on the menu to pause the game when it’s down to 4:55. That translates to 295 seconds.
  4. In t-search, click on “search” (left side, first magnifier) and look for an exact value of 295 at 4 bytes. Click OK. It’ll find a lot of values. Click OK.
  5. Now go back into the game and let the timer tick down again for 5 seconds. So now we’re stopping the timer at 4:50 and in seconds that’s 290.
  6. Go back to t-search and click on “search again” (the second magnifier) and now look for 290. T-search should return ONE value. That’s the address we’re looking for.
  7. Double click on it to add to the cheat table.
  8. In the cheat table, click on the little box right under “description” and you should be able to freeze the value.
  9. Go back to the game and you’d see that the clock has been stopped! Yippee!

The whole process takes me about a minute or less. You have to do it for each individual stage since the address will change. Here’s a video (click here for a bigger version.)

Download Magic Shop Unlimited Potions

It’s as good as NOT having the timer ticking down on you. This one has a button that freezes the number of potions in your inventory, so no matter how many times you use them, their number stays the say. Applies to all three potions, doesn’t affect the buy screen, so you can leave it on.

Not that you’d be buying anymore potions, mind you. πŸ™‚

Tested with my version of Magic Shop. Can’t guarantee that it’d work for you, but it worked for me.

This is another one of those handy dandy money freezers. I tested it with the latest version of Cake Mania 2, and you can check for your version number on the bottom left corner of your screen during the game – 1.003.

Download Cake Mania Money Freezer

This is a zipped executable. It’ll freeze your money amount during the buy screen, and that’s it. It doesn’t do anything else. Be sure to click on “defrost $” when you’re done!

The answers are right in your computer; I could go ahead and list all the riddles and answers, but I’ll leave that to your finding it yourself.

Open up windows explorer and find where Forgotten Riddles is installed. Most likely, that’s in your c:\program files\Forgotten Riddles. If you can’t find it there, open up search and look for “forgottenriddles” and you should be able to find the folder where the game is installed. Open up My Computer and navigate to the installation folder, and open the “level” folder.

You should find a bunch of level.ini files, numbered. When you open them, you should see these:

Rune= Fermented for cider or baked in a pie, my sweet fruit will make me the me of your eye
Photo= A delicious red apple
Hint= Look for me hidden in the lower right bush

Rune is what the riddle will show, Photo is the caption under the photo when you click on the object, and hint is what the game will tell you when you use a hint. The rest are positions, but you shouldn’t need those once you have Rune and Hint. If you’re looking for something specific you can just use the edit > find that you can find in Notepad.

If you’re looking for the “lock” puzzles, try the “positional.ini” file. The grids are numbered as follows: from left to right, it’s 0 and ascending, then from top to bottom, 0 to ascending. You’ll see “c1” which stands for column 1, and “r1” which stands for row 1. It’s pretty easy to find your way around them.

If you’re really stuck on those rotational puzzles, you can find all the reference images in the “art” folder.

Happy hunting!

It freezes and defrosts money in the Shop screen. So, freeze, buy, defrost, sell, and you should be able to buy a bunch of upgrades. It’ll only work if you have the game running, the shop screen active, and in windowed mode.

Tiny little program, again, no support whatsoever – I’m only so good at writing these things. πŸ™‚

Download PetShop Money Freezer.

I could do something that adds money, but that would make it too easy. So instead, here’s a trainer that will freeze the amount of money you have. One button freezes, the other defrosts. 15 bottles of Instagrow, here I come!

Plant Tycoon Money Freezer (Rapidshare – always up)

Plant Tycoon Money Freezer (Bestsharing – sometimes down)
It only really has two lines in it and it effects ONLY the Plant Tycoon process. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I’m really not advanced enough in memory hacking to do too much with DMA, but this works on my computer, with the version of Plant Tycoon from Big Fish Games.

It will also ONLY work when the game is running in a window. Alt-tabbing to it will not work.

I’ve never been good at changing timers, so I thought I’d remove the single most annoying element in Glyph instead: diseased stones. With both the timer and these puppies in effect I have to do a level 10 times to get through them. So I went through the level files, and removed all of them – I swapped them out with normal stones.

Here’s what to do:

1. Download Glyph hacked levels.

2. Unzip the contents of that zipped file into your “c:\program files\Glyph\data\levels” folder or the “levels” folder of wherever you installed Glyph. If you’re wary of chaging game files, BACK THEM UP FIRST!

3.Β  Start Glyph. No more weird green diseased stones.

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