This will put 50,000 units of food in your fridge. I turned on the game this morning and there was 0 units and a very hungry toddler – that’s not good. I snooped in the save files a bit and made this patch. It comes in two flavours – one for x86 and one for x64 machines. If you have no idea which, you’re probably going to need the x86. For all I know, the x86 will work for x64 machines. Tested in XP only. And no, I don’t have a MAC so I don’t know how to make patches for MAC games.

Virtual Families 50K food patch (x86)

Virtual Families 50K food patch (x64)

  1. Open up your VF game, pause it, then close it. (Not minimize it – close it!)
  2. Unzip the file you downloaded.
  3. Run the patch.
  4. Under where it says “Path to the file to patch” there is a box. To the right of that, there’s a little box with 3 dots on it. Click.
  5. It should go straight to your default user directory, so just pick LDW > VirtualFamilies > and in my case, “Virtual Families1.ldw” click on it, click open.
  6. Under “Patch application options” check the top two. It should create a backup.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Run your game, and check the fridge. 50K should be OK if you forget about them for a few days, even with a family of 8.
  9. If you’re still confused, check out this video.

While you’re here, check out my Easier to Spot Collectibles mod and the Here Comes the Sun mod.

A simple modification to make collectibles easier to spot. I just took the original png and added a very noticeable glow.

Copy and paste the file into your Virtual Families/images folder.

Get the png

Request other mods if you like, in the comments. I’m thinking about doing a money cheat, but honestly, money hasn’t been a problem yet, and nobody’s starving to death. Maybe a few more funky graphic changes.

Refer to my earlier post for instructions if you want to do it yourself. Same idea, same tags. But if you want to do it the lazy way, grab these files instead.

This will set all your starting times to 999 seconds. Have fun!

P.S. This also includes the fix for the impossible signature outfit in stage 5-6. This is fixed in all later downloads of the game. Since this is a list of modified xml files from a new download, this would naturally be fixed as well.

Or, Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 untimed edition.

  1. Here’s what to do. Go into where you installed Jojo’s Fashion Show 2. If you’re not sure where, just search your computer for the word “cruces”.
  2. Once you find it, navigate to the “config” directory, then go into “levels”. Inside you’ll find five folders named Stages 1 – 5. Inside those folders you’ll find a bunch of xml files referring to each of the 5 main stages’ sub stages.
  3. Open a random one in a text editor – notepad will do. I use Notepad++, which is open source (freeware) and allows me to open a bunch of files at once and do multiple search and replace.
  4. If you opened a regular stage, you’ll find startTime=”” and maxTime=””; if you opened a photography stage, you’d find levelTime=””. These are in seconds. StartTime is how much time you have to begin with. MaxTime is how much time you would have no matter how much bonus you got from putting a model on the runway. levelTime is how much time you’re alloted to take photos. Very simple. You can change these values to whatever you want.
  5. So, take any level you have trouble with and play with those values. Save those files, open up the game again, and you should have cheated those levels out.

Lazy person’s version:

Download this set of config files in a zip file.

Unzip them someplace on your computer where you REMEMBER where they are. Copy and paste them to the directory where you installed Jojo 2. Play the game, now with all level times set on 999.

Have fun. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and play with paperdolls, instead of doing it with a timer and sweat on your hands. Maybe for the next sequel, there’ll be an untimed mode.

Go into your c:\program files\home sweet home\resourceFiles\ directory, and find the file gamedata.xml

  1. Look for the word “=== WORKER DATA ===” by using edit > find.
  2. There are three sections for the workers, under “Goran”, “Fat Guy”, and “Chick” – yes, I find that just slightly demoralizing. A “chick” goes around hammering nails in as fast as the other ones. Hmmm.
  3. Change the Stamina to “999.9”
  4. Change the build speed to “0.50”
  5. Change the walk speed to “2.5”
  6. Change the stamina drop to “0”
  7. Do this for all three workers.

Once you’re done that, let’s tackle the global difficulty. It should be RIGHT ABOVE the worker data.

  1. Look for the phrase “<DEFAULTS name=”THE_EQUATION”>” (Just use “edit > find” it’s easier that way)
  2. Change value= to 0. <VALUE id=”per_furn_tools_inc” type=”float” value=”0.1″/>
  3. Do this for per_furn_injury_inc, stamina_decrease_rate_inc, furniture_decay_inc, item_request_time_inc, as well as worker_injury_percent_inc.
  4. Save the file.

Load up the game, and you should have workers that:

  • Don’t get tired
  • Don’t ask for things
  • Don’t get injured
  • Builds like absolute maniacs
  • Walks faster
  • Whose work “deteriorate” VERY slowly over time.

You can go ahead and fool around with the rest of the settings.

Come join us at to download my already modified XML file.

You might wonder why it took me so long – I’ve written trainers for various games for kicks, and here’s my favorite hidden object game that doesn’t have a relax mode. This one’s always giving me heart palpitations. I just never thought of it before. Actually, it wasn’t my idea. It’s a commenter’s. So I loaded up the game again and wrote one…it only took 10 minutes, and another 20 minutes letting the time run down to test it. Here it is:

Agatha Christie – Death on the Nile Time Stopper.

I’ve tested it on both (oh it makes me giddy to type that) of my computers running the same version of the game. It’s the one from Reflexive, and it should work on the same game you download from other portals. All you have to do is load up the game, load up the file, unzip it, run it, and click on “stop time.” It doesn’t matter if the game is full-screen or windowed, it should work. After getting emails all the time about my trainers, here’s a run down.

What the trainer will do:

  • It will stop the timer in Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile.

What the trainer will not do:

  • It will not let you play the game for free by stopping the evaluation timer. That’s NOT what a game trainer is for.
  • It will not stop the game from penalizing you if you make random clicks – that would be too easy now, wouldn’t it?
  • It is not a Trojan. I just tested it with Avast! and it cleared, but AVG might give a false positive because it does go into memory, fetches a value from the game, and changes it.
  • It is also not a Trojan because I’m a bit of a hack when it comes to these things and the only thing I know how to do are change $ values in games and stopping timers. πŸ™‚

I’ve also only tested it on one version of the game, and since casual games rarely display their version numbers on startup screens, I have no idea which one it is. I have re-downloaded it from Reflexive to make sure I have the latest version, so any version you download as of now should work.

Tested on the Reflexive version of the game. Should work for the game from any portal, if not, I have no idea. πŸ™‚ Sometimes addresses change from computer to computer and there’s just nothing you can do. I wrote this myself, and tested on my own computer. I can’t guarantee that it will work on yours.

There are two buttons in it. “Stop time” and “start time.” That’s it. It freezes two addresses inside the game that controls the time bar ticking down, and that’s about it.

Download Atlantis Quest Time Stopper

First, you have to download and install t-search. T-search is a popular memory editing program. It’s the easier to use of the bunch (there ARE easier to use ones that are packed with spyware, so no thanks) and it’s full of features. In this case we’re only going to use the most basic of the features, so don’t worry: this is going to be easy.

  1. Open up Little Shop of Treasures 2 as well as T-search.
  2. Switch to t-search and click on “open process”. Choose “LittleShopOfTreasures2.exe.”
  3. Switch to the game and go into a game screen. Look at the timer on the top right, and click on the menu to pause the game when it’s down to 4:55. That translates to 295 seconds.
  4. In t-search, click on “search” (left side, first magnifier) and look for an exact value of 295 at 4 bytes. Click OK. It’ll find a lot of values. Click OK.
  5. Now go back into the game and let the timer tick down again for 5 seconds. So now we’re stopping the timer at 4:50 and in seconds that’s 290.
  6. Go back to t-search and click on “search again” (the second magnifier) and now look for 290. T-search should return ONE value. That’s the address we’re looking for.
  7. Double click on it to add to the cheat table.
  8. In the cheat table, click on the little box right under “description” and you should be able to freeze the value.
  9. Go back to the game and you’d see that the clock has been stopped! Yippee!

The whole process takes me about a minute or less. You have to do it for each individual stage since the address will change. Here’s a video (click here for a bigger version.)

Download Magic Shop Unlimited Potions

It’s as good as NOT having the timer ticking down on you. This one has a button that freezes the number of potions in your inventory, so no matter how many times you use them, their number stays the say. Applies to all three potions, doesn’t affect the buy screen, so you can leave it on.

Not that you’d be buying anymore potions, mind you. πŸ™‚

Tested with my version of Magic Shop. Can’t guarantee that it’d work for you, but it worked for me.

This is another one of those handy dandy money freezers. I tested it with the latest version of Cake Mania 2, and you can check for your version number on the bottom left corner of your screen during the game – 1.003.

Download Cake Mania Money Freezer

This is a zipped executable. It’ll freeze your money amount during the buy screen, and that’s it. It doesn’t do anything else. Be sure to click on “defrost $” when you’re done!

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