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Chain Factor is a new kind of puzzle game where you drop numbered/gray discs onto a game board, where it sticks, disappears, explodes, causes chain reactions, and all kinds of other exciting things. The game rules are like none I’ve seen before, and there’s three different modes plus a leaderboard already, even though it’s technically pre-BETA.

Chain Factor is looking for play testers to prepare for a BETA launch – give it ago. Math can be strangely addictive.

Play The Chain Factor.

The latest MCF is out! I’m working on both a review and a walkthrough, which will be up in three blinks. What’s the hold-up, you may ask? My power supply died, and I have a new computer arriving at 7 PM sharp. At which point I transfer all my work from the backup drive (thank my pessimism) and reinstall everything. Yippee.

I did spend a bit of time with the latest MCF before my computer’s heart stopped beating, and I can say that it’s the best looking yet – the attention to detail is astonishing, and it’s of course another best seller. 😉

I picked this one up a long long time ago when it was new. It’s been so long, all I remember was the beautiful scenery, the sheer large amount of puzzles, and a few weird camera issues. I also remember an alternate ending and really good voice acting all around. Most of all, I remember giant mushrooms. Anything with giant mushrooms must be good, in my book.

Here are some links to get you started:

A downloadable trailer

Gamespot Review – 6.7/10

Justadventure Review – B

Mr. Bill’s Adventureland Review – Highly Recommended

Demo (92 mb)

Official Website (not much there)

Gameboomers Walkthrough

JustAdventure Walkthrough

UHS Hints

As far as re-packaged games go, Circus Empire is relatively new. It came out July of 2007, and by October it’s at the BFG site.

Gamezone did a review on this one, and it’s pretty favorable of it being a relatively easy to learn simulation game.

Circus Empire is a basic simulation on the lines of Zoo Tycoon or Rollercoaster Tycoon, but on a much smaller scale. This means there is less to do, but it also means it’s easier to play. For people looking for a few hours of easy entertainment that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, this is a good choice, especially for families with kids.

Sounds good to me.

There are really no demos available for this one. Not even on the Enlight official site. Here’s a link to a help forum in case you get stuck.

From the makers of Diner Dash came Wedding Dash, a time management game of wedding reception hosting. Having playing it up to the last tier of cake (which is bloody impossible! Argh!) I can tell you that it’s definitely one of the best time management games I’ve played, and very much original in its two server system.

It has well-planned, puzzle strategy oriented levels, quirky characters whose personalities scream, great guest interactions that are built into the gameplay, and a progressively challenging main game mode that stays fresh, level after level. What’s not to like? Watch for a review in this space – just as soon as I get the chance to finish it.

All the adventure games I’ve seen on BFG before were older ones or simpler ones like the Nancy Drew series; so when I logged on this morning and saw Return to Mysterious Island, I was quite pleasantly surprised.

I picked this one off the shelf when it was new, and it was definitely a pretty good adventure game. It had great puzzles, a unique inventory system (which is used in all the newer games by the same developer), a survival meter which isn’t often seen in adventure games, and a lot of great puzzles. There are multiple ways to solve puzzles, which is definitely a plus.

It’s a bit short, and the story a bit sparse, but definitely a lot here to keep an adventure gamer occupied. If you’re a Gameclub member, this game’s a must buy!

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