All finished!

VF1 Dark Interface MOD 1.01

  • Version 1.00.04 of the game made the picture in the collection screen smaller and higher so I’ve changed that page to fit it.
  • There’s a slight glitch in the bottom right of the pop-up boxes. They’re now fixed.
  • Made the black boxes grey so that the doctor diagnosis messages would be visible.
Black and glossy.

Black and glossy interface.


Other screens

VF1 Dark Interface MOD 0.8

  • Changed the background and buttons of the family screen
  • Changed the trophy screen’s background, slider, and icons.
  • Minor nudges here and there on where the bottom bar’s sitting.

VF1 Dark Interface MOD 0.7

VF1 Dark Interface MOD 0.6

  • Blue buttons are now black (and glossier)
  • orange buttons are now grey
  • $ sign is now black
  • event screens come up as charcoal
  • red buttons are a deeper, sexier shade of red.

VF1 Dark Interface MOD 0.5

I made this because I like to see more game and less interface. Call this version 0.5 because I’m not done yet, but it’s very much usable, especially since the main part of the mod (the default interface) is done.

  • Semi-transparent inventory slots
  • Status info are now dark blue on alpha white with gradient. Oooo. I didn’t add a background for the occasional status updates, since it’s usually white and stands out anyway. This way I get to see more game.
  • Black and gray glossy buttons all over
  • Horizontal bar that’s in every screen is now transparent / invisible
  • Blue pop-ups now come up as black (event screens still need changes)
  • The entire shopping screen is now black and grey and slick instead of cute.

Still working on

  • The Details screen
  • The event popups
  • Trophies screen
  • long buttons
  • anything else that might come to mind that I’d like black.

Unzip the folder into your Virtual families install folder / images. NOT your saves folder. It should overwrite some files, so backup your images folder first.

And also…I KNOW somebody’s downloading these things because my hit counter for the zip files keeps going up, but nobody leaves me a message on whether they like it or not. So, uh, comments? 🙂