Or, Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 untimed edition.

  1. Here’s what to do. Go into where you installed Jojo’s Fashion Show 2. If you’re not sure where, just search your computer for the word “cruces”.
  2. Once you find it, navigate to the “config” directory, then go into “levels”. Inside you’ll find five folders named Stages 1 – 5. Inside those folders you’ll find a bunch of xml files referring to each of the 5 main stages’ sub stages.
  3. Open a random one in a text editor – notepad will do. I use Notepad++, which is open source (freeware) and allows me to open a bunch of files at once and do multiple search and replace.
  4. If you opened a regular stage, you’ll find startTime=”” and maxTime=””; if you opened a photography stage, you’d find levelTime=””. These are in seconds. StartTime is how much time you have to begin with. MaxTime is how much time you would have no matter how much bonus you got from putting a model on the runway. levelTime is how much time you’re alloted to take photos. Very simple. You can change these values to whatever you want.
  5. So, take any level you have trouble with and play with those values. Save those files, open up the game again, and you should have cheated those levels out.

Lazy person’s version:

Download this set of config files in a zip file.

Unzip them someplace on your computer where you REMEMBER where they are. Copy and paste them to the directory where you installed Jojo 2. Play the game, now with all level times set on 999.

Have fun. 😉 Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and play with paperdolls, instead of doing it with a timer and sweat on your hands. Maybe for the next sequel, there’ll be an untimed mode.