After an entire week of late nights and hard work, the new web site is finally live. It’s not perfect, and I still have to optimize the database and do a bunch of backend work. But it is fully functional and I invite you to take a look at our new face. It will have a lot more in it and possibly organized differently than the way it is now.

I’ve added a painfully small parenting section, a news section (it is very cool, Ajax based and pretty) that updates with some great blogs everyday, a bunch of free flash games you can play right from the browser, and if you register as a user, I will never spam you (well, unless we move or something then I’ll let you know about it) and you will get updates on what I’m working on – which is mostly tests on new adventure games.

If you sign up in the next couple of days, you might find a surprise waiting for you in your user-menu. We shall see how well my microphone works on this new computer.