Well, for one, I’m working on a new site. Then I’m going to move this blog’s content there, with better and easier navigation. That’s priority #1.

I’m also working on an adventure game. How exciting! The story phase is almost done, and it’s codenamed Anamnesis (That’s an – am – NEE – sis.) The story is pretty much fleshed out but it’s getting a bit too ambitious, so I might have to chop it in two big chapters. Some scenes are already being built in 3D and I’m testing render speeds quality vs. quantity. It’ll be 3rd person point and click; at first I wanted to 1st person slide-show, but it turned out to be too much work for the computer.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really tried writing a “tag paragraph” that doesn’t leak the entire story yet, and any attempts to write one seem to “spill.” So I’ll just tell you that most of the puzzles are going to be inventory / dialog based, and that there will only be a scant few mechanical puzzles in the game. The story so far only involve 3 large locations with sub-locations.

On top of that, did I mention that I have a from-home full-time job and a 13 month old? So yes, casual games have been put temporarily on hold. I just don’t have time for even them at the moment. When the sequel to Azada comes out though, you’ll be sure to see a walkthrough here, but I’m going to skip anything less than spectacular.