VMN Toolbox is a nice little utility that does all sorts of things.

  • Screen capture and email
  • Color picker
  • Sticky notes
  • Virtual Rulers
  • Magnifier

All packed into a tiny little light weight utility. It’s easy to use, and great for sending screenshots. Nothing quite like sending me a link to a screenshot to solve all your gaming problems, eh?

I’ve recommended other screencap programs that are free before, but VMN goes beyond the usual screen cap programs by being intuitive and easier to use than any others I’ve seen. I’ve heard from many that they feel “uncomfortable” with the process of screen grabbing, but VMN throws it into a 2-click procedure that you can’t mess up.

As a graphic designer myself (yes, that’s the real job. This is just for fun!) I find the ruler / magnifier / color picker very useful, and the sticky notes is definitely a notch up from the little pieces of paper scattered around my desk. A thumbs up.

Download VMN Toolbox. (It’s freeware)