Last time I made a walkthrough for the Agatha Christie game, I split it up in pieces, but this time I did thumbnails instead to make things a little easier. If I’m missing anything, just leave a comment and I’ll add it – this was done via one play through. If you have requests for MULTIPLE objects in a given scene, contact me.

P.S. I’ve also made a trainer for this game to stop the timer. (I don’t know how else I could’ve got through some of these levels) I’ll still need to test it some more, then I’ll release it.

Hotel Lobby – 5 keys in their boxes

Round 1 solution

Seaview Promenade – 5 Stones in Sand

Gate to End House – Spell END HOUSE

Gate to End House – 12 Pieces of Newspaper

Round 2 Solution

Parlor – 6 Papers in a Drawer

Seacliff Steps – 2 Stones in a Row

Round 3 Solution

Freddie’s Room – 5 Tulips in a Vase

Foyer – 5 Pigs in a Row

Round 5 Solution

Round 6 Solution

Dining Room – 3 Teapots in order

Dining Room – Dismantled Radio

Round 7 Solution

Lounge – 6 Eggs on a Plate

Police Station – 3 helmets on a rack

Round 9 Solution

Beach – 6 Toys in a basket

Community Dock – 3 fishes on their hooks

Round 10 Solution

Ballroom – 5 Olives in Glass

Round 11 Solution (green, red, orange, yellow)
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Cliff Edge of Lawn – 6 Croquet Balls

Dining Room – 3 Monks in Row


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