Kloonigames is a company that releases experimental freeware games every month – usually these are completely off the wall and features gameplay mechanics that’s never been used before (no dash games or hidden object games for you) and naturally, I check every once in a while to see what’s new. There’s one game already posted here quite like Crayon Physics, but that’s a flash game. This is a downloadable freeware game from Kloonigames.

Basically, in Crayon Physics you’re given a piece of paper to draw stuff on, and the aim is to get the ball to the star. That’s it. You can make rocks, draw ladders, what have you, as long as the result is a 2D platform area where you can get the ball to the star. And yes, it’s much more complicated and requires more strategy than you might think. It’s even alt-tab friendly and plays in fullscreen.

Play Crayon Physics here.

Once that’s got you hooked, the developer is working on a full version of the game that involves much more complicated physics – axle and rotation and wheels and all that, and all it requires is your imagination. You can check out a Youtube video here:

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