I knew I had this in my bookmarks some place, but the mysteries of searching del.icio.us for your own bookmarks is still beyond my abilities … sometimes. The site is Pjio, where “gamers and game makers like to hang out.” It’s like the other game community sites – a huge number of games, some good, some bad, some abysmal. The best part is the rating system – good games float to the top while bad games sink to the bottom so the casual observer can just play the good stuff.

And good stuff there are plenty. Sudoku games that are free and much better than their glitzy commercial counterparts, creative puzzle games based on shape physics, tycoon games – anything that’s available from a major portal is also available here, with a mix of free trials and web games.

Take a look around Pjio – it’s like YouTube for games, and there’s definitely potential.

Another site, The Great Games Experiment, does basically the same thing but is less than perfectly organized. It includes a lot of links to commercial games with screenshots on a wide range of platforms, and you have to dig around for the games you can download and play. As for “freshness,” Azada is listed as their feature puzzle. Enough said. It does have a good community going and all the game profiles are user/developer submitted. It’s ran by the wonderful people at Garage Games, the people who made the Toque Game Builder.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s just say that Grimm’s Hatchery as well as G.H.O.S.T. Hunters were made using the TGB.)

Check out the Great Games Experiment for yourself. You might have better luck finding things than I do.