After having gone through 8 levels, I’m still having fun playing Pirateville. Pirateville is very much like Mysteryville. The same actors dressed up in different costumes with basically the same themes. If you’ve played Mysteryville before, you’d know that this game contains:

  • Drinking potions to contact spirits
  • A plot that keeps you playing but gets so thick by mission 7 that you want a diary to go with it
  • Hidden objects that are “stock” and appear in every scene
  • A lot of “multiple” object to hunt in relatively reasonable time
  • A sorting minigame
  • A tile rotating minigame
  • A tile swapping minigame
  • A “find pairs” mini-game (this time with cards)
  • objects that are in different places every scene
  • Longer in length than your average object hunting game.
  • Longer in length than previous games from this developer!

In other words, more of the same, but boy is it ever fun. Review will be up shortly. Meanwhile, if you’re stuck, check my usual graphical walkthrough.