Spiderz! is not an original game. Despite the fact that the “genre” hasn’t really been revisited in quite a while, it is basically a clone of Tangle Bee.  The latest game I’ve seen using it as a mini-game was Stone of Destiny, and it used the gameplay element with crystals and lines of light that comes out of them.

In Spiderz!, your job is to untangle groups of really cute, fuzzy spiders in varied colors. Each spider is connected to another via a line, and you can click and drag any of them around to move the spiders away from one another. Once their lines are untangled (not crossing each other) the spiders fall asleep. When you untangle everyone, the mission is accomplished.

Spiderz! attempts to make the game more interesting by adding a bee that could attract your spiders, and a grandpa that scares them away. Both can be shooed away pretty quickly; the bee you throw, and the grandpa you can keep out of your way for a while by putting him over a flower. In some missions, your spiders keeps moving in a circle, and in others some will crawl and move away once in a while, making your job a little more difficult.

The graphics in Spiderz! is very pretty – hardware accelerated graphics in a puzzle game is rare, and this game comes alive with it. Fire glow and sparkle, spiders bounce up and down separately.

Even though Spiderz! doesn’t really do much in terms of gameplay, what it does, it does very well. If you enjoyed Tangle Bee, go ahead and pick this one up. If not, try it anyway to see if you like the “original” i.e. not cloned to death gameplay. It’s a very addicting game that might surprise you.