First, you have to download and install t-search. T-search is a popular memory editing program. It’s the easier to use of the bunch (there ARE easier to use ones that are packed with spyware, so no thanks) and it’s full of features. In this case we’re only going to use the most basic of the features, so don’t worry: this is going to be easy.

  1. Open up Little Shop of Treasures 2 as well as T-search.
  2. Switch to t-search and click on “open process”. Choose “LittleShopOfTreasures2.exe.”
  3. Switch to the game and go into a game screen. Look at the timer on the top right, and click on the menu to pause the game when it’s down to 4:55. That translates to 295 seconds.
  4. In t-search, click on “search” (left side, first magnifier) and look for an exact value of 295 at 4 bytes. Click OK. It’ll find a lot of values. Click OK.
  5. Now go back into the game and let the timer tick down again for 5 seconds. So now we’re stopping the timer at 4:50 and in seconds that’s 290.
  6. Go back to t-search and click on “search again” (the second magnifier) and now look for 290. T-search should return ONE value. That’s the address we’re looking for.
  7. Double click on it to add to the cheat table.
  8. In the cheat table, click on the little box right under “description” and you should be able to freeze the value.
  9. Go back to the game and you’d see that the clock has been stopped! Yippee!

The whole process takes me about a minute or less. You have to do it for each individual stage since the address will change. Here’s a video (click here for a bigger version.)