The answers are right in your computer; I could go ahead and list all the riddles and answers, but I’ll leave that to your finding it yourself.

Open up windows explorer and find where Forgotten Riddles is installed. Most likely, that’s in your c:\program files\Forgotten Riddles. If you can’t find it there, open up search and look for “forgottenriddles” and you should be able to find the folder where the game is installed. Open up My Computer and navigate to the installation folder, and open the “level” folder.

You should find a bunch of level.ini files, numbered. When you open them, you should see these:

Rune= Fermented for cider or baked in a pie, my sweet fruit will make me the me of your eye
Photo= A delicious red apple
Hint= Look for me hidden in the lower right bush

Rune is what the riddle will show, Photo is the caption under the photo when you click on the object, and hint is what the game will tell you when you use a hint. The rest are positions, but you shouldn’t need those once you have Rune and Hint. If you’re looking for something specific you can just use the edit > find that you can find in Notepad.

If you’re looking for the “lock” puzzles, try the “positional.ini” file. The grids are numbered as follows: from left to right, it’s 0 and ascending, then from top to bottom, 0 to ascending. You’ll see “c1” which stands for column 1, and “r1” which stands for row 1. It’s pretty easy to find your way around them.

If you’re really stuck on those rotational puzzles, you can find all the reference images in the “art” folder.

Happy hunting!