Update – 2007.09.13 (2 updates in a day!)
Went through and fixed the coordinates for the seed box script, and “corrected” the soil and water positions. Hopefully, this will mean that it will work for everyone while in FULL-SCREEN mode. In windowed mode, all the verticals could be off by as much as 20 pixels. (the header)

Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.02
Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.02 (Bestsharing Mirror)
Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.02 (Mooload Mirror)
Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.02 (Upload2.net Mirror)

Update – 2007.09.13
Added a key for trashing seeds.
Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.01

This is not a hack, not a trainer, not a … well, not anything special really. It’s just a mouse script. It takes the “chores” out of Plant Tycoon so you can concentrate on the important things like cross pollination. If you just started the game you probably won’t use this, but it’s good for automating these few things:

  • It will set up all the pots by putting soil and water in all the pots, and
  • It will water all the pots to almost but not quite full.
  • It will also plant the first 15 seeds in your box (first 10 in the first horizontal line and first 5 in the second) into your 15 pots.
  • There is a hotkey for selecting each of the plants, and
  • A hotkey for harvesting each seed.

I made this because I got sick of clicking and dragging. Trust me – clicking and dragging will get on your nerves after a while because there will be lots of it. This program will do exactly what it says, and no more than that. It does not contain anything aside from mouse instructions because, uh, I wrote it! 🙂

Download Plant Tycoon Helper 1.0

You will need to unzip the file. After that you can run it anywhere. Use CTRL-H while it’s running for help.

If you have any suggestions to make the script better, contact me!