I just tried this new service out from MostFun – basically, it’s a browser based program where you can download games. The best part about it is that the games are free and unlimited – no trials, you can play for as long as you like. It works like RealArcade, with the exception in that there are no subscription fees, and the list of games is still pretty skimpy. It’s still in Beta though, so we’ll overlook that for now.

Of course, you could argue that nothing is free, and if it is, it isn’t legal. However, in this case, the games are ad-supported. Not in the way of banners running across the top while you play, but a small ad will play before it loads the game. Right after that, the actual game loads, and there won’t be any ads in that. So I find it a small price to pay for playing Cake Mania and Diner Dash 2 for $0. Among the list of games there are also Glyph, Trijinx, Sandscript, Sweetopia, Westward, Zenerchi, even newer popular games like Burger Island. I don’t see any hidden objects games, but the usual suspects of action/arcade are here.

Once you download the games, they are also available off-line, so for those of you who are cut-off by the bigger game sites for having dial-up, this might be the only option for getting games on the cheap. The only drawback is that when you run the player, your net connection slows to a crawl as you download games, but they do tend to come in pretty quickly.

I wouldn’t recommend this without trying it first, so I installed it, played Cake Mania and Westward for a bit, then closed it all off and scanned with Ad-Aware and AVG Anti-virus. Both of them turned up nothing, so I’m sure it’s safe to use. The only other program it requires is Adobe Flash Player 9, and you can download that off the MostFun player.