• If you don’t like how the beds are all colored purple (or any given color repeated too many times) in the beginning, just hit ESC and hit restart day. The bed colors are randomized, and so are the patients.
  • Don’t be obssessive about color matching; just keep all your beds filled at all times.
  • Do be obssessive about chaining actions together. Chaining bonuses work up to x5.
  • Before you start each level, check out the numbers of the beds and keep in mind which ones can be served together.
  • In the levels where virus outbreaks are rampant, it may be prudent to hold the spray in one hand at all times and just work with the other. You don’t need to click on a bug to spray it – you just have to walk by it.
  • Celebrities pay more, but they also demand more.
  • Don’t click on the crazy monkey – just plan your paths to walk by it.
  • Listen for the sound of breaking beds, and repair them RIGHT AWAY.
  • Strive for expert all the time – you need all the extra cash you can get.
  • Click on the band whenever they light up.
  • Use your perks! They’re free!

Review: Fever Frenzy