I’ve been receiving some emails and comments on the game Emerald Tale, and how nobody seem to be able to find all the coins. I’ve emailed Enkord on your behalf, and I just got back an answer today. Apparently there was a bug in the first version of the game, and there is a patch to fix it.

“…unfortunately there was a technical mistake and 4 coins
are missing in our first version. It is easily to fix with our patch
(may be downloaded from here http://www.enkord.com/files/emeraldtale-fix1.zip)
by the next steps:

1. Open the folder with a game installed (usually it’s c:\Program Files\)
2. Open the patch
3. Copy the folder “data” from patch to game folder “Emerald Tale”
4. Replay the levels showed in pictures from patch.

Enkord Ltd.
WWW: http://www.enkord.com