Lately I’ve seen this site’s traffic double, then quadruple, and doubled again. The problem with that, of course, is that I use a free host for the images, and my 8 gb / 30 days bandwidth limit filled up in a really big hurry. So if you’ve visited in the last day or so and saw “bandwidth limit exceeded” signs all over the place, that’s what the situation was.

Notice the past tense? Well, I’ve moved everything over to Imageshack, and hopefully that should do us for a little while. In case anyone reading this is looking for a good image host, Imageshack is very popular with the ebay sellers – it offers unlimited uploads, and 100 MB of bandwidth per image per hour, which means that I can get away with 2000 image view per hour since my average image is 50 kb. We shouldn’t hit that ceiling anytime soon.

Also, to those who emailed and suggested that I add a donation button, I have done so. You can find the button on the right side of the home page or the main archive page. I’ll slowly roll the button into all my large complete walkthroughs as well, but for now the sidebar is the only place the donation button lives.