• Symbols – How to solve Sodoku. If you’re still stuck, here’s a Sodoku Solver. Just swap the symbols for numbers.
  • Squares – Dots and boxes. The logic is simple – keep drawing lines to NOT make 3-sided squares, and keep going until the computer makes a mistake. If you’re forced to do this before the computer, choose an area where it can’t make that many combos.
  • Matchsticks – classic matchstick puzzles. My continually updated Matchstick puzzles videos.
  • The Shapes – Chinese Tangrams. It’s kind of hard to lose since the game changes the color of the tile when it’s in the right place.
  • The Towers – Hanoi tower. Hanoi Tower solver. Just let it know how many rings are in there, and it solves it for you.
  • Sequences – Figure out the next symbol in sequence.
    black moon – white moon – white square – (black square)
  • Pawns – English peg solitaire. You can find the solution right here.
  • Pipes – pipe dream, but you have to close off all the exits of the pipes, and the ooze doesn’t chase you. Working from entrance to exit and figure out the branches along the way is the best solution. Remember, eliminate the impossible.
  • Chemicals – Mastermind. Once you know the concept it’s pretty simple.

You can find my graphical walkthrough for the story puzzles here.