Mirror Mixup is one of those great, original games that is both refreshing and challenging to play. Of course, it’s also one of those games that nobody seems to. Is it just me or are people passing up anything that doesn’t fit into a neat little genre like … match-3?

Gameplay is very accessible and intuitive: each stage presents the player with a square image where parts of the image is flipped either horizontally or vertically, and some in wrong places of the image. Your job is to select a part of the image, then use the arrows that pop up to flip it, in a preset number of moves, back into the original picture.

There are four game modes, but they’re all variations on the same scheme; custom mode allows you to use your own photos, memory mode shows you the moves that turns it into the twisted puzzle, then asks you to use the same moves to twist it back; impossible mode presents “impossible” photos not unlike those impossible jigsaw puzzles.

The options are the most robust that I have seen in a casual game yet –  you can choose a folder of your own mp3s and play it as background music, play the game in “high resolution” mode. I can’t seem to get the mp3s to work properly. Maybe on a faster computer it’d run fine, but in high resolution mode my mp3s crawl along like a cassette player low on juice. You can access the mp3 player anytime during play and choose to randomize or skip a track.

Mirror Mixup is definitely a great puzzle game that promotes lateral thinking, and simple enough for a kid to pickup as well as fun for the adults in later levels. Since you can import your own graphics, it’s simple enough to throw in a babay/family photo or even a picture of the Pooh bear. There is no timer either, so it’s great sit-down fun for the entire family.