When I first took a look at Secrets of Olympus, my thoughts were: not ANOTHER match-3! Not another one that’s based on Greek/Roman mythology with a dash of Zeus thrown in! Once I started, however, I realized that this game is much more than the theme. Secrets of Olympus is 4 games in one – Collapse, match-3, hangman, and good old shape match.

At the beginning you’d be faced with the normal mode, which everyone should be familiar with, and the relax mode, which has no timer. Then when a level start you’d be faced with more choices: “Switch” or “Click” which means “switching tiles” or “clicking tiles” – match-3 or collapse. These maps are not identical in each level; they’re designed to play well as either match-3 or collapse. Whichever mode you choose also has different power-ups. Either one you play, the objective is to clear all the stone tiles on the board.

The usual “chain” tiles that you have seen since Big Kahuna Reef still applies. Double chains require double effort, and sometimes you will see tiles that has a key in it. Unlocking 3 of these will land you a new power-up to use. Instead of the “match this object to gain a specific power-up,” Secrets of Olympus has opted for “match anything.” Doing successive stone breaking will also net you stars, and five stars will gain you access to a bonus level of shape match. Question marks will also be present in some levels, and when you break a tile next to those, you can play a game of hangman for bonus points.

What will strike you about Secrets of Olympus is how well everything runs. There is zero load time at the beginning of the game, and everything runs smooth as butter. From the falling of the tiles, to the punch of a power-up, the sound of a letter being chosen wrong in a game of Hangman, there’s never a feel that this game was rushed to production. The mini-games do a lot to alleviate the increasingly boring – mind you, brainlessly addictive – nature of match-3’s. These are also well-done and almost feel like games of their own, which is saying quite a lot for a mini-game in a match-3 of all things.

Definitely worth a download, and most likely, you’d be buying it. This is a game for keeps.