This is a “pure” walkthrough of Escape From Paradise. The premise is pretty simple: no mini-games. There will be lots of slow bits, so I suggest turning off “auto-pause” from the options menu. Periodically check your Escape Progress and click on the next challenge and skip the mini-games. Also, I suggest playing it in windowed mode so that you can “wait” through slow times by doing other things.

The idea is to play it exactly like Virtual Villagers or a better comparison would be Westward.

General walkthrough from stars 1-10:

  1. When you only have two castaways, assign one (1) as a lumberjack and the other (2) as a provider.
  2. Once you have 50 of both, let them eat. The maximum of 50 food is easily filled up and easily spent, so spend it a lot or your provider will never level up.
  3. Assign 1to repair a hut, and 2 to chop wood. Switch the carpenter to gather food when food starts to run low.
  4. Once you have an extra castaway (3), set 3 to chop wood and continue using 1 to repair remaining hut. Switch a woodcutter to gather food when it runs low.
  5. Continue with the quests – follow the Tiki Masked Man. The idea is to spread out the skills. Once a castaway maxes out one skill, switch them with someone else.
  6. In the beginning: two lumberjacks, one provider, one carpenter. As you add more castaways, increase in proportion and keep your skills balanced.
  7. The Tiki can only be chopped down with a level 1+ lumberjack.

Click here for a list of radio parts.