• The most asked, and LEAST answered question. Where the heck does the fishing dock go? It goes in the ocean – right next to your original shipwreck.
  • Try to avoid playing the mini-games in the beginning. If you have too much resources, nobody will work.
  • Build food storage, a well, and huts on EVERY screen. If your castaway doesn’t see it, he doesn’t use it. Eventually he’ll get so unhappy that he’ll leave your tribe.
  • X marks the spot, but the spot often contain next to nothing. Unless you’re missing a radio part from digging, save your energy for other uses.
  • You can select the next castaway using your keyboard’s left and right buttons.
  • Turn auto-pause off and you can do other things while they’re gathering 5000 pieces of food or wood.
  • Check on your castaways often (by hidding the arrow keys) to make sure nobody’s head is hanging. That’s their way of saying “I’m beat.”

I’ve written a general walkthrough for 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 quests as well as a list of radio parts.