We’ve all played this game before: a book presenting two seemingly identical images, and we have to pick out the differences. A lot of casual games are based off of old ideas that we’re already familiar with. Mirror Magic is one of these. The success of 5-Spots also set the way for games like these, although it is more used as a part of a mini-game in hidden objects game now than it is in a standalone game.

Mirror Magic improves on the concept of 5-Spots by adding effects to the mirrors. Wind, rain and fog are just some of the effects you’d see. There is also a mirrored mirror which is the bane of my existence, and a three-way mirror where the differences are spread amongst three mirrors. The effects are nice and smooth and the fog really do make a difference in making the differences harder to spot.

The best part about Mirror Magic would be the multiple different spots. Even though the story mode has only 60 images, each of those have randomized differences each time you see them. So even if you’re just playing story mode, you won’t be playing the same game again. Also, when you’re done the story mode, you can play the bonus images in story mode, which would be another 60 images.

Graphics in mirror magic is great where it matters: the rain, wind, fog effects are great, as are the clarity of the images. The story images, however, seems amateurish. This doesn’t take much away from the game though – the story is short, the character bios are riddled (well, more “sprinkled”) with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes – since you’re likely to be skipping the story parts anyhow. There is also a gallery mode as well, but honestly…we didn’t come for the gallery.

Mirror Magic features new ideas in an old, old game of Spot-the-Difference, and it did an amazing job. Once you’ve finished the story mode the first time, you can play “endless” mode, which is a great time to gather round and pick out differences in pictures together. Children as young as 2 can join in the fun since you don’t even need to know how to read to enjoy this game. Mirror Magic only save your progress after you finish each segment of the story, so that’s 5 images, likely to take you about 10 minutes.