Once in a while you find a game that’s so simple and classic that you just never end up uninstalling it. Sandscript, to put it simply, is hangman. That’s all it is. It does hangman so well that you’d never play it with pen and paper again. Viqua Games, the developer that brought us Thomas and the Magical Words, really know how to make a word game both fun and educational.

A picture (in this case a video) is worth a thousand words, so here’s a gameplay video. The controls are very, very simple. You can either click on the letters to form the words, or you can just use the keyboard, which is much faster. During Sultan’s challenge, pressing enter also spin/shuffle the letters. There are only three power-ups: reveal all vowels, reveal one letter (at random) or reveal two incorrect letters (at random.)

There are two different modes: Adventure and Endless Nights. In Adventure you progress through different scenes, and in Endless Nights it’s just one stage after another to see how long you can last. You can win gold stars in adventure mode which will add up to treasures at the end of each location, and trophies can be won in both modes that will be displayed in the trophy room.

There is a bonus “Sultan’s Challenge” mode that can either follow a stage, or be accessed from the main menu. You can solve anagrams of 3-7 letters, and the more letters you choose the more points you can get. Words do tend to repeat themselves though – even within the same stage. This takes away a little from the perfection that is this game.

The graphics in Sandscript is Arabian themed – from the shapes of the letters, the backgrounds, the bonuses, and the genie with the flying carpet that you have to race, it’s all very fitting to the name Sanscript. The music is lovely for a game like this, and the sound effects fitting and satisfying when you do things right. Everything runs quite smoothly with minimum load times, and each stage auto-saves mid stage when you quit. You can also choose to restart a level when you’re doing very badly. Fun, educational, addictive. This thing will never get uninstalled.