Mystery Solitaire is a card solitaire game, or so it seems. It plays like Mahjong, and it has all the elements of a mahjong game aside from the stack of cards at the bottom of the puzzle screen. Even the power-ups such as the magnet and key/lock are current mahjong standbys.

For a set number of stages of solitaire you complete, you will get to do one object hunting scene. There are 12 in all, and in each you are only required to find 5 items. So the object hunting part, while well done (the placement and hiding is actually better in this game than say, in Abra Academy or Hide and Secret), is painfully short. It’s also wholly optional since there are unlimited hints.

As for the core gameplay itself of solitaire, it’s actually pretty good. You get to choose between 3 different symbol sets for the cards – yet another tip off that this is more mahjong than card – and the cards will be placed in a typical mahjong configuration. At one side of the screen there may or may not be a stack of cards and three slots for you to deal those cards into. After that, you just have to match pairs.

When you finish each object hunting scene, you get one map piece. After 12 map pieces you find the secret island and win the game. It’s pretty simple standard casual game fare. If you enjoy mahjong, this is a pretty good one. If you don’t and just want an object hunting game, it’s not bad either, but it just isn’t meant to be that. Because the game features symbols as well as cards, little ones can play it, as there is no time limit. This game does not save mid-level progress.