Curtis says: I love bright colours! This game is too advanced for me, but even now it’s a great game for me to learn colors with. Red, yellow, blue – the basics, it’s all here. Oh when will I be old enough for Lego blocks?

Lego Fever is NOT one of those bestsellers, and it’d probably never be one. It sits somewhere between Lemmings, the Incredible Machine, and say, Professor Fizzwizzle. What I’m saying is, it’s nowhere near a “hidden objects” game, nor is it a match-3, so it’s not like people will be flocking to it in droves.

There are 3 different game modes: Puzzle, Chase and Clump. Puzzle plays like Lemmings, if you remember it. You need to move bricks so your Lego-man can reach a grey-person so as to colourize them. The Lego-man will keep moving in one direction – fortunately, unlike Lemmings, he doesn’t jump off cliffs; when faced with a steep drop, he’ll simply turn around and walk the other way. Chase mode involves a “greyness” that will chase you across the screen as you build Lego bridges with “Lego energy” to reach more grey people and to meet up with the rainbow. Clump mode is a match-3. Lego will fall in clumps, and you can move them in clumps in order to match-3, where they will turn into Lego energy.

Puzzle mode is my favorite – the other two modes just feel like mini-games compared to it. Every stage has a set “expert” number of steps that you can finish the level with, and there is no time limit. As the game progresses, you will start to see obstacles like the ink pit that will grey-out your character will you touch them; grey people that are also enemy characters that you need to trap with a block before you can colourize them, etc. You can also use teleporters, elevators and switches to get you to other levels in the map. Levels are generally well thought out and there are LOTS of them.

In all three modes there is also something called “brick recipes” that you acquire throughout the story mode. These will turn ordinary blocks into “jump” blocks, bombs, traps and the like, which will make the puzzle mode more and more like Lemmings as you progress. Once you’ve finished a level, you can go back to the main screen and play it again in Fever mode to try to beat your high score.

Lego Fever has cartoonish Lego graphics and really cheesy music. It’s not particularly pretty, but it does its job. Overall, definitely a great game for the value. It has zero violent elements (we’re not even “killing” Lego bricks at all – we’re just turning people into Lego. Great idea, huh.) but I wonder why people invariably turn into knights or wizards with beards in the first chapter regardless of whether the original grey-person was a man or a woman. A good, long lasting game for the whole family with lots of levels – a whole lot of game for $20!