Curtis says: I like the music in this game. The teddy bears are sooo cute! It will always move too fast for my little hands, but mommy sure has fun playing it!

Teddy Factory is the story of Sally (I’m not making this up) who works in plush toy factories in order to have spare Teddy bears for orphans. The children will line up and demand certain colors of bears, and it’s your job to meet those demands. You don’t have to meet these demands – instead, you could simply keep building bears until you fill your day’s quota. The kids will scamper off crying, and you’ll finish the level. You won get a gold star, however.

The graphics in Teddy Factory is very cartoonish and well done. It’s exactly what you’d expect: soft pastel colors and cute bears, elephants, and any other stuffed animal that you can imagine. It’s all there. Parts will move down a conveyor belt; depending on how hard you have the level set to, they will move down the belt at a healthy clip. Clicking a part and moving it to a similarly colored part will result in a satisfying “pop” and the part will snap into place. When you finish building a bear, it is either dumped into a box and shipped off, or given to a child in line if that particular toy is on her mind.

Gameplay essentially comes down to a click-fest: a race of hand-eye coordination and color matching. If a part (any part, even bonuses) hit the end of that conveyor belt, it’s level-over. This can get VERY hard. You can’t take apart a toy once you’ve started putting it together, so you have to be pretty careful about indiscriminately throwing parts together that are the same color. You can activate some power-ups to aid you in your tasks; when you put two purple clips together, the belt reverses, and when you put red ones together the belt stops … for a little while. Flashing multi colored parts can be used on any toy, and “?” parts can be any random part.

I can’t see any educational value whatsoever in this other than the color matching and the much too sweet story of Sally toiling in factories for these little (ungrateful) children. It is, on the other hand, a great, fun, family friendly game with lots of clicking. And if you’re playing it on normal, it’d probably get too hard by the time your trial period is over. 🙂