Curtis says: I don’t like this game. I can sit through 2 minutes of it, max. It’s the lightning bolts – when they make that *krak* sound it really startles me. There’s also not enough things moving around to keep me interested. When I’m in a good mood this is actually pretty interesting. There are pictures of fish, rings, coins, logs, rocks that repeats so it’s easy to learn the symbols when I’m older.

As match-3 goes, this one isn’t bad. At all. It has lovely graphics; everything is well animated and smooth. There are a variety of power-ups, but they really aren’t that different from the rest of the match-3 genre. The thing about match-3 games is that it really has to have something SPECIAL to stand out from the rest of the crowd – it’s a big crowd.

The power-ups are the usual predictable types: hammer, lightning bolt, bombs, etc. The obstacles and goals – clear the blocks/cells, make matches over chained celled, then double blocks and double chains – are no different than ones found in Big Kahuna Reef and Clayside. The downside (or the upside, depending on what kind of player you are) in this game is that there are no instantaneous power-ups, making this a less spontaneous game than say, Big Kahuna Reef. Did I mention I love Big Kahuna Reef?

Each stage is cleared when you clear all the blocks, but the objective is really to accumulate as much wood/food/gold in as little time (and stages) possible. With these basic materials you can buy buildings for your main game screen which will slowly go from a small hamlet to the thriving city of Rome; like all other match-3 games, this doesn’t really do anything, so to speak. It’s just an indicator of how much you’ve advanced through the game. Each building bought also gives you symbols that has more value of these basic materials, so that you can (supposedly) buy the next upgrade quicker.

When it comes down to it, this is just another cookie-cutter match-3 with solid graphics, great music, and good sound effects. It’s fun, but honestly by the later levels the buying requirements are way too high – instead of adding something new to the game during these long segments, it just gives you more stages to play through. The game does save anytime, however, so you can always play a couple of minutes and come back later.