Curtis says: I enjoyed watching this. There are lots of colors to discover, and the vegetables are really cute. When they get harvested, they go “yipee!” When I get older, I will learn from this game that blueberries and oranges are harvested in the summer, and you can get pumpkins and corn in autumn!

Harvest Mania is about harvesting fruits and vegetables. In the regular (classic) mode, there is no time limit. However, each time you make a move, more veggies will fill up your screen. Once you can’t make any more matches, you’ll have to start the round over.

The core gameplay is very simple: match 4 in a box or more. when you get a box, all the colors of veggies taht are attached to it will also disappear. The more the better, since as you advance in the “years” of the game, more veggies will start shooting up from the ground, blocking the paths that your veggies can move in. Sometimes power-ups will grow out of the ground, such as the crystal that can be counted as any color of vegetable, or the gopher, who will harvest 10 random veggies if you surround it with four same colored veggies.

The game isn’t that hard if you think about what’s going to grow, and how you’re going to take advantage of where colors are coming in in the next round. It is going to be impossible if you mindlessly drag them around. When your screen fills up, it’s GAMEOVER. As in you have to start OVER. This may seem harsh, but since the goal of the game is to just accumulate as much veggies as possible, it’s not so bad. There is also a prize-winning element involved: if you set up your POGO Account (they’re part of Electronic Arts) you can use the credits you accumulated in the game (by hitting bonus goals and such) to win prizes off their web site.

Once you harvested a good amount of veggies (say, 200+) you can take it to the farm screen where you can use your vegetables to buy things for your farm. There are basically just animated sprites – they don’t really add anything to the game, but you (and your tot) can build things on this map and save it to the desktop as a wallpaper.

The graphics are a little dated but vibrant all the same; the music is catchy and the sounds are appropriate and really, really cute. Did I mention that your vegetables are cute? If you have a baby that thinks vegetables are icky, it might just be time for a little bit of brainwashing. Since this is a color matching game with no time limit, it’s also a great oppurtunity for little hands and eyes to do a little bit of clicking, dragging, and color matching.

A fun and educational game all around with zero violent elements. The buying and building screen also gives the opportunity for a little talk about value for money and makes room for creativity. Definitely a great game to play with your tot!