brown.gif blue.gif purple.gif
Found at the top right corner of your map, next to the dry grass. Just to the right of the statue on the north end. Right above the burial ground, northeast.
black.gif red.gif orange.gif
Lower end of the burial ground. Right side of the mosaic (or puddle) Smack south end of the map.

Bear in mind that these aren’t ALL of the combinations, but there are only 16 effects. There are lots of recipes that would make your villagers healthier, and there are also lots that are inedible. I’m only going to provide one recipe for each effect.

purple.gif + purple.gif + orange.gif = Completely restores health
black.gif + orange.gif + orange.gif = No need to breathe
black.gif + black.gif + red.gif = Very ill (Use this to kill off a villagers who dislikes work)
brown.gif + brown.gif + brown.gif = Healthier
red.gif + orange.gif + orange.gif = aphrodisiac
blue.gif + purple.gif + black.gif = Clears your nose and throat
brown.gif + blue.gif + black.gif = Very thirsty
brown.gif + purple.gif + red.gif = Very Spicy
brown.gif + blue.gif + red.gif = Nature is calling!
brown.gif + red.gif + red.gif = Burst of energy (make them dance)
blue.gif + blue.gif + blue.gif = Make them jump
blue.gif + red.gif + red.gif = Gives fatigue (tired)
black.gif + black.gif + black.gif = It burns!
red.gif + red.gif + red.gif = Burst of energy (make them exercise
orange.gif + orange.gif + orange.gif = smells sweet

Virtual Villagers 2 – The Lost Children Review