Curtis was already asleep by the time I started up this game. With older kids, I can see a few history lessons going on – the story is composed of parodies of events in our history, but instead of the poor vs. the people in power, it’s uh, eggs vs. chickens. Down with the Cluckocracy!

When I first fired up the game, I wasn’t too impressed. The music is ok, the sound is alright, and the graphics…well, I felt like I turned on my old SNES again. It’s quite pixelated on a big monitor, and the hand-drawn sprites are a far cry from the hardware graphics you see with newer casual games. The options are also limited – there is no slider for the music and sound, but you can just turn it off. You could, however, play the game in windowed mode, but it’s a very busy game and I wouldn’t recommend it.

The story follows a bunch of rebel eggs who travel in time to fight against opressive chickens in power. In each of these stages (based on real history, no less) you have to collect these rainbow eggs to power up your time machine (uh, the Chrono Yolk Time Vessel, to be precise) and as you play you get to travel BACK in time.

In other words, it’s a really wacko story to give you an excuse to hurl eggs at chickens from a fort. It actually has a whole lot of humour (“Come out with your shells peeled, you TRAITORS!”) and uh, weirdness.

The gameplay does seem simple. You stack eggs with your mouse by pushing them into a pile of 3 or more, and as long as one of them touches a launching pad, the whole thing can be launched at some chickens with the click of a button. Chickens will come at all sides, and eggs will come in different colors – red for roast chicken, blue for frozen chicken, and the simple white for battered chicken, etc. Some chickens will drop eggs, and some will drop baskets of eggs. Some will drop wenches for restoring your fort’s walls. Some will drop land mines or bombs that you can use against the oppressive chickens. When a chicken gets to be next to your walls, it’ll start pecking away; if it breaches the wall you’re toast and will have to start the level over.

The difficulty starts mounting up pretty quickly – by the time I was in level 16 it was already taking me a couple of tries to finish a level. Granted, I don’t have the fastest of reflexes, but I was using the keyboard and mouse at the same time. This would be pretty impossible to play with mouse alone. This is also a 10-minute game – you CAN finish the missions with 10 minutes each, but there is no way of saving mid-mission.

All in all, for a game that isn’t on the bestsellers list, this is a great departure from the regular match-3. It has a lot of depth, cute graphics, tons of levels, and it promises to be a long, enjoyable, and challenging game.