Curtis says: This is kind of cool. Thre are colorful balls all over the screen and they seem to come flying out. There are lots of bright colors and movement, and mommy lets me know what orange looks like. When I get older we can also string the stars together so that they’d look like shapes!

Curtis was quite entertained, but frankly, I got quite bored after just a few stages. The core gameplay involves making constellations by stringing together colored balls that appear on the screen matching with the color code at the top of the screen. So if the code is blue, green, orange, yellow, I can string together blue 2x, green 3x, orange, yellow 5x, then back to the beginning without the lines crossing one another, and I’d have a complete constellation. Trouble is, that’s pretty much it for the gameplay – and no matter how well or how badly I do making one constellation, it doesn’t seem to affect the rest of them.

There’s a little bit more to it – during the game there are shapes that you have to match, but they’re not ALWAYS there. So at any given point in the stage, the shape could be there, or it could be non-existent at the moment. That means you could go looking for it fruitlessly. They’re also VERY hard to spot. There are power-ups that help you spot them, but then … what’s the point of them then? You could go through the stage and spot them all easy with the power-up.

There are two modes. Explore mode is the one I described, and then there’s Chase mode. During the chase mode, the color code balls still appear at the top of the page, and you have to click them. So you click them. Then you speed up. And then you get closer to the end of the stage. That SOUNDS boring, doesn’t it? It is. It just feels so absolutely pointless.

As Curtis giggled away at all the colored balls flying by, I squint at the badly rendered screen text. Then I tried changing the resolution. That doesn’t seem to do it any good, either. Then I did closed it mid-stage and opened it again and it started me at the beginning. Ok. That’s it. I’m uninstalling this thing. You can go ahead and try it for an hour, if you like. Chances are, you’d be bored in 15 minutes anyhow, so the 1 hour trial period is PLENTY.