Curtis says: The colors are too pastel-based for me to focus on, but I’m sure that when I get older I’d get a lot of fun out of recognizing the three little pigs when they show up and showing them that building a house out of bricks is a great idea. I like watching the townspeople running around town shopping, but I get impatient when mommy is shopping for ingredients and hiring goons.

I know what you’re thinking. Fairy Godmother Tycoon? That’s it. That’s enough tycoon games. That’s going TOO FAR. But I downloaded it and tried it anyway. Guess what? I am quite pleasantly surprised! This is one of the better turn-based tycoon games out there – it has lots of extras that makes it different from your typical Lemonade Tycoon clone.

To begin with, this game is funny. The intro is tongue in cheek (the king is so stupid that when his kingdom’s forest was hit with Dutch Elm Disease, he promptly declared war on the Dutch) and so is the rest of the dialogue, fairy tales, and situations that might come your way. Little Miss Muffet opens a Tuffet Buffet next to a Biker’s bar, and we suggested that she sells nachos instead – that eventually had a happy ending, and she gave us 100 beans for the trouble.

It’s your typical turn-based tycoon layout, but definitely not your typical tycoon game. The Fairy Godmother’s Store sell potions. As you get upgrades for your store, you can hire a mole (yes, he is a mole) to spy on your competition – figure out how quick they are to discovering the next potion and how much they’re charging for them so you can steal their sales accordingly. For marketing, you get to spend some money on junk mail or some flying monkeys and even hire goons – such as trolls – to steal (convince? Coerce? Shake them around a few times and send them on your way instead?) customers literally from your competition’s doorstep.

In most turn-based tycoon games, once you start the day you’re pretty much stuck watching how it plays out. Not so in Fairy Godmother Tycoon. During the day, you can watch carefully as customers move in and out of your store. Spot someone saying bad things about your store? You can cast Shush on them to make them shut up. Running out of potion ingredients? Send some flying elephants to pick some up. It makes for a much more dynamic game – and it allows you to salvage your day if, say, you forgot to stock up the previous day.

You can play this game one game day at a time and spend only a minute doing it. Just close it off and start wherever you happen to have left off. But it’s also very, very addictive; you can easily spend a few hours playing and not realize it. Definitely worth the download – and if you get it, you’d be able to play it for months.

Fairy Godmother Tycoon Hints