• Usually, the first day starts off slow. Don’t spend all your money the first day. Save about half for the next day – you won’t be making much.
  • The corporate mole is your most valuable upgrade. Once you buy it, use it EVERYDAY. Set your prices around 5-10 beans less than your competition and the customers will soon be all yours. Make it the first thing you do every game day to make sure you don’t miss it.
  • Goons aren’t ALWAYS worth their money. They’ll only bring you 2-4 customers, so only hire them if your profit margin is high enough. If you make $50 per potion that day and you have “best” potion makers who can keep up with the flow of customers, hire a goon.
  • Flying carpets are pretty slow, so even though they work all the time, they can only bring you say 3 customers a day. They cost $60. Do the math.
  • It’s much easier to use the recipe book to order supplies than it is touse the Purchase tab. It’s under Supplies > Recipe Book.
  • Having something researched early can be a great way to snag customer royalty away from your competition. Not only do you make more money selling those potions, but the villagers would walk into their store and come out empty handed…and angry.
  • Spells are the last thing you should be spending money on.
  • A good potion maker is necessary on a good day, so that’s…the second day.
  • DO use a loan shark if you have a great forecast, no money, and decent customer royalty.
  • Slow days are great days to stock up on ingredients – if you have the warehouse space. Generally, the better the forecast the next day, the more your ingredients are likely to cost. Supply and demand, eh?
  • The slower the day, the cheaper the potion and the less you can spend on marketing and more on research.
  • Always take on the tales that appear and try to be a good fairy godmother – what goes around comes around.

And while you’re at it, read everything aloud to the baby/toddler/kid that happens to be watching. Game time is play time!

Fairy Godmother Tycoon Review